Space force

This Space Force birthday cake is dark and empty, much like space itself

The newest branch of the US military just celebrated its second anniversary with what might just be the saddest cake in the history of warfare. The cake in question was photographed at the US Space Force Congress anniversary on December 2. This no-frills pastry featured the seal of the Space Force – the Pentagon’s homage […]


Is Star Trek Getting A Starfleet Academy Spinoff Series? • GEEKSPIN

A major character exit in last week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery suggests that the long rumored Starfleet Academy the series could finally happen. In season 4, episode 4 of Star Trek: Discovery, Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman), who has struggled with her role as a Starfleet officer for weeks, joins a group of Starfleet cadets […]

Space force

‘Is Star Trek Enough?’: Space Force Ridiculed Over New Uniforms

Jhe new Space Force uniforms are some of the weirdest sets under the sun, according to some Twitter users. The newest service branch in the United States has unveiled its Guardian Service Uniforma prototype uniform for members of the Space Force, during the Space Force Annual Assembly Cyber ​​Airspace conference on Tuesday. Social media users […]