Why Rebecca Romijn chose to wear the Starfleet dress on the show

Rebecca Romijn brought the Starfleet dress to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Once upon a time, Starfleet’s uniform dress wasn’t designed for comfort and wasn’t exactly usable in an action sequence, although Nichelle Nichols made hers work for her in the episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion” from Star Trek: The Original Series. For the most part, the dress was there to enhance a woman’s sex appeal, so in later Star Trek series it was replaced by women’s pants or sweaters. (It’s not that the pantsuit T’Pol wore on Star Trek: Enterprise was any less designed to enhance Jolene Blalock’s attributes.)

But now the Starfleet dress has made a comeback, and it’s all at the request of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds star Rebecca Romijn, who plays number one in the all-new series that debuted on Paramount+ on May 5. When she first suggested her character wear a dress, she was met with a resounding “no.” But it didn’t take long for the minds to change, and then a uniform wardrobe was built for the characters so they wouldn’t always wear the same clothes.

“I asked for a Starfleet dress, which, the first response was, ‘No. We’re just going to do pants and tops.'” And then they came back and said, ‘No, we changed our minds. Why don’t we start building uniform wardrobes, where sometimes I wear Starfleet dress and sometimes I don’t.

Rebecca Romijn wasn’t done with her demands, however.

Romijn didn’t just want to wear the Starfleet robe aboard the Enterprise; she wanted to put it into action, according to Slash Film.

“I made a specific request that the Starfleet dress not only be on the Enterprise. In fact, I want to make sure the Starfleet dress goes into action and turn it into a badass Starfleet dress, so this isn’t is not just like a stewardess who stands in the business.

So Romijn will wear the Starfleet robe on some away missions and do what she calls “turn the tale around”. She will show that wearing a dress has nothing to do with her ability to handle danger or not.