Who was the best engineer in Starfleet?

Throughout the various shows and films of the star trek franchise, there is a serious group of talented Starfleet officers. They range from decorated captains to unsung heroes below decks. Of all these incredibly capable officers, engineers are perhaps the most gifted.

These are people who not only know how to maintain and repair ridiculously complicated machinery and technology, but are often tasked with doing so in high-pressure situations with both limited materials and time. Here are some of the most talented engineers in the franchise, each with their own distinctive skills that make them shine brighter than a polished self-sealing rod bolt.


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Star Trek: Journey

Of all the incredible engineers who have graced Starfleet, Charles Tucker, affectionately known as Trip, must be there for one of the most underrated and overlooked. Others, like O’Brien and even Scotty, used technology far superior to that found during the Company series. In Tucker’s day, they didn’t even have proper shields, tractor beams, or replicators. The show feels almost Stone Age compared to the far-future depictions of other shows and movies.

Trip played a vital role in the USS Enterprise-NX-01 expansion mission, and while others such as Torres and O’Brien may be considered resourceful engineers, they pale in comparison to Trip. Not only did Trip lack access to the highly advanced engineering tools everyone else had, he didn’t even have a replicator to craft spare parts or magical repairs. He had to replace things himself, creating off-the-shelf alternatives when he ran out of spares. To top it off, he manually maintained and tuned the Warp 5-capable ship’s warp drive, lacking the highly advanced computers that other iterations of the ship had. He was also able to manually stop and restart this warp engine in less than two minutes, which the Vulcans said was impossible even with their advanced technology. He was resourceful, creative and above all fast. He was one of the best engineers around when things had to be done quickly and with limited supplies.

Miles Star Trek

Miles would be the biggest contender or king of engineering for many. He is certainly the most recognizable face of them all, having appeared in both The next generation and Deep Space 9. He was a skilled transport technician during his time aboard Enterprise-D under Picard’s command, but his finest hour came aboard Deep Space Station 9, where he became Chief of Engineering.

His role required him to keep the dilapidated station running smoothly, which was not an easy thing to do. Not only was it obsolete and falling apart, but it was built by Cardassian, so many of the new additions from Starfleet had to be made compatible. O’Brien was a genius at putting these two incomparable technologies together and constantly had to fight against the Cardassian traps built into the station. What makes his character even better is that he wasn’t technically an official Starfleet officer; he was more of a non-commissioned officer. While still in Starfleet, that meant he never went to Starfleet Academy. This makes his vastly superior skills all the more impressive, considering he never went through the rigorous training of his peers and yet was consistently much better.


The most known star trek engineer and the one who started the illustrious career is none other than Montgomery Scott, of The original series. His time aboard the Enterprise under Captain Kirk was memorable and often filled with miracles of engineering performed by the angry Scotsman. He did it with skill and ingenuity, and while the show explained exactly how he achieved these incredible feats of engineering, it’s suggested that it’s because he’s so good at his job.

What’s more, in the GNT episode “Relics”, it is revealed that in an accident that almost spelled death, Scotty managed to do what no one had managed to do before. He adapted a transporter pad to sustain himself until a rescue team arrived hundreds of years later, something no one had managed to do before and no one could recreate. after. While he was a great engineer, compared to the others on this list, he is probably the most skilled or proficient in the sense of education. He literally wrote the Starfleet Academy Handbook.

Star Trek: Torres

B’Elanna Torres is an odd addition to this list. While she has proven herself to be an outstanding engineer throughout the Traveler series, its place on this list is mostly due to the often incredible magic of a truly episodic show. She proved resourceful, able to perform major repairs on the ship and integrate Borg technology with previously incompatible Federation systems, while trapped thousands of light-years from Earth. She was able to use what she could find to make the repairs.

However, the biggest sign of his skill was that no matter how badly damaged the ship was at the end of one episode, at the start of the next it was in full working order and looked brand new. Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch that that’s all she did, rather than the magic of TV and the writers just hitting the reset button every time an episode ended (which caused lot of criticism towards the series). But canonically, it must speak to his incredible talent.

Star Trek: rom

Ending the list with an honorable mention, Rom might just be the best engineer to ever grace the franchise, despite not being a Starfleet officer. He worked for the Bajoran engineering team on Deep Space 9 rather than Starfleet, and was advertised as an incredibly gifted engineer who was able to repair a holodeck with a spatula. While that is impressive in itself, his greatest contribution to the Federation was when he came up with the idea of ​​self-replicating mines. This idea that succeeded in saving the entire Alpha Quadrant from the evil clutches of the Dominion at the start of the war.

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