Where Starfleet took Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard

Seven of Nine has another career in Star Trek: Picard season three

Near the end of the second season of Star Trek: Picard, Admiral Picard (Patrick Stewart) gave Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) a field commission. It was her backdoor into Starfleet that she had tried to achieve after her time aboard Voyager. Viewers asked if she could stay in Starfleet and if she would be in command of her own ship, maybe even the Stargazer. This question was answered by Alex Kurtzman at San Diego Comic Con this weekend [via Trekmovie].

Seven of Nine is officially in Starfleet. The character portraits revealed earlier this weekend already let this cat out of the bag, but what we didn’t know was if he stayed aboard the Stargazer and was the captain of his own. vessel. The third season finds Seven of Nine aboard one of the main ships of the season, the name of which is not communicated to us, unless it is one of the ships of the Enterprise which will make an appearance. But she is not in control. Instead, she is currently the commanding officer and first officer of an unnamed captain.

But not everything is easy to navigate (or fly) for Seven of Nine

Because of who Seven is and her previous work as the Fenris Ranger, she has “a particular view of how things should be in the universe”, according to Kurtzman, which is probably her way of saying that ‘she and the captain may not see each other’s eyes. – keeping an eye on everything. I guess they will have more than a few clashes.

Kurtzman added that this season, Seven will explore her place on the ship and in Starfleet. So used to being alone and pulling all the punches, she will no doubt struggle with Starfleet’s rigid rules. Just as she chafed under Captain Kathryn Janeway’s command, one can only imagine what will happen with Seven as second-in-command. Hopefully, we can watch her grow in her position and as someone who finally finds her place in the world.