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Vandenberg Space Force Base considered for U.S. Space Force training headquarters

VANDENBERG, Calif. — Vandenberg Space Force Base has been announced as one of six sites being considered for the US Space Force’s Space Training and Readiness Command (STARCOM) headquarters.

STARCOM is one of three Space Force field commands and is responsible for the deliberate development, education and training of people in the space profession, according to the Air Force.

It is also responsible for the development of space combat tactics, techniques and procedures and the operational testing of Space Force systems, according to the Air Force.

All Space Force bases are under consideration to become the site of STARCOM headquarters, including Los Angeles Air Force Base (later to be renamed Space Force Base), Space Force Base Buckley in Colorado, Schriever Space Force Base in Colorado, Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado, Patrick Space Force Base in Florida, and Vandenberg.

The Air Force is expected to begin site surveys in late April or early May to determine which location is best for the headquarters, according to the Air Force. Evaluation will be based on infrastructure capacity, community support, environmental considerations and costs, and other mission-related factors.

Vandenberg Space Force Base is already home to Delta 1 – the first space delta needed to execute STARCOM’s mission.

Delta 1 focuses on various training packages, including initial skills training, specialized fighter follow-up training, and advanced training events and courses, according to the Air Force.

“The Central Coast is already home to the premier West Coast launch site for military, civilian, and commercial space operations, and is currently the cornerstone of our nation’s space training and operations,” said Congressman Salud. Carbajal.

“In the search for a permanent location for Space Training and Readiness Command, Vandenberg has already demonstrated its ability to train space operators and service a critical test site. Additionally, its proximity to some of the best research institutions and of our country’s aerospace industry makes it the best candidate for STARCOM.”