Space force

Twitter users compare the Space Force logo to the Star Trek symbol

President Donald Trump unveiled a new logo for the United States Space Force on Friday, and Twitter users thought it looked a lot like another logo – from “Star Trek.”

“Star Trek”, a science fiction television series, had a fictional space force known as Starfleet Command. His space force logo featured an arrow with stars in the background. The US Space Force logo released by Trump also has an arrow with stars in the background.

Several Twitter users pointed out the resemblance, including Tom Coates, who said, “You’re not serious. To the right?”

Other users wondered if the logo violates copyright law, which applies to artistic, dramatic and other creative works.

Trump said the logo came after “consultation with our top military leaders, designers and others.”

Twitter users mocked the Space Force last week when it unveiled uniforms with camouflage print. Some have wondered why the uniforms weren’t black to match the outer space environment. Other users have submitted their own uniform design ideas, such as galaxy print pajamas.

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