TNG Fans Can Now Own Their Own Starfleet Toolbox

Star Trek fans who work with tools will want this new keepsake.

One of the best parts of growing up a kid in the ’90s wasn’t just the glut of great Star Trek series, but the abundance of Star Trek memorabilia. Whether it’s action figures, video games, posters, party supplies, you name it, someone had it. It was (usually) officially licensed and a treat for any collector.

Today’s fans can still get one-of-a-kind souvenirs, but they’re a bit more expensive and a bit less common. Cue this new toolkit from Star Trek Unlimited. Although it uses Star Trek verbiage in the description, make no mistake, this is a working toolset.

If the toolkit is too big, too expensive, or just too “TNG” for your liking, they offer other options. Namely, the Star Trek: TOS Enterprise Multi-Tool. It’s only $15.99 and if you don’t need it, it can probably be used as a weapon to fend off Klingon attacks.

But probably not.

Now the next generation toolkit can be yours!

The price of the toolkit is actually not that bad, all things considered. The price before taxes is only $89.99. Most tool kits range from $50 to $200 depending on what’s inside. A full description from the official site on the kit is below;

Whether you’re a lead engineer or a lower-level field technician, you’re never far from your field kit; that ubiquitous treasure chest of essential tools that allow you to become the miracle worker you aspire to be. Although we are not yet at the technology level of laser wrenches or portable phase compensators, we have enough bits, drivers and pry tools to help you disassemble and reassemble a variety of equipment. of the 21st century.

So when you’re called down to the kitchen and figure out why the food dispensers only dump “hot bananas” be sure to bring your field kit! As Montgomery Scott said, “the right tool for the right job”.

If you’re the one everyone turns to for tech repairs, be prepared for any technical issues with this Star Trek Engineering field tool set. Jeffries tubes clogged with tribbles? Replicator only spitting “Tea, Earl Grey, Cold”? This 100-piece electronics tool kit has a solution among its 54 different screwdriver bits and dozens of instruments for lifting, pinching, and otherwise constraining computers, phones, tablets, and tablets of all types to do your bidding.

It’s handy to have on hand, and it’s also a nice way to say thank you to your personal assistant.

Next Generation Engineering Terrain Kit includes:

  • lever knife
  • mini suction cup
  • magnetic bit holder
  • extend the bar
  • 6 inch wire cutter
  • 9 millimeter utility knife
  • steel ruler
  • metal lever
  • electrostatic ring
  • small suction cup + tools for SIM card antistatic cloth
  • 2 plastic levers
  • 2 levers
  • 3 metal levers
  • 3 precision tweezers
  • 4 spatulas
  • 20 cable ties
  • 54 precision screwdriver bits

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