Space force

This is the new Space Force logo

The new branch of the US military now has a logo and motto. The motto is Semper Supra, which means “Always on top”. The main feature of the logo is a delta wing design.

The US Space Force is still in its infancy, having been officially created by the US President in December 2019. It is the 6th branch of the armed forces, after the army, air force, marines , Navy and Coast Guard. (The National Guard and Air National Guard are considered reserve elements of the forces.)

As the Space Force takes shape, they decided to brand themselves to have their mission recognized. Part of that branding is the new logo and motto.

The Space Force’s primary role is to protect US assets in space. The logo design and motto help clarify this. Even though the logo seems to have been inspired by Star Trek.

The US Space Force has just unveiled its new logo and its new motto. Image Credit: US Space Force

All branches of the US military have their own logos and mottos, although some are somewhat informal. The Marines’ is ‘Semper Fi’ which means ‘Always Faithful.’ The Navy’s is “Semper Fortis” which means “Always Courageous” and the Air Force’s is “Aim High – Fly, Fight, Win”. Meanwhile, the US military is saying, “This we will defend.”

In our modern age, everything is subject to instantaneous feedback. So when an organization like Space Force is formed and gets a uniform design, logo, and motto, there is an instant response. Not entirely positive.

Sometimes a new logo or motto can seem pretentious or even silly. But eventually everyone will get used to it, just like they are with other branches of the Armed Forces.

The official logos of the US Air Force, the US Army and the emblem of the US Marine Corps.  Image credits: USAF, US Army, US Marines.
The official logos of the US Air Force, the US Army and the emblem of the US Marine Corps. Image credits: USAF, US Army, US Marines.

Space Force tried to be thoughtful with their design and worked with the Air Force advertising agency GSD&M. Part of their design goal was to reflect history and heritage. On Twitter, Space Force pointed this out.

The Space Force says the new logo represents “…the service’s role in establishing, maintaining, and preserving the United States’ freedom of operations at the ultimate heights.”

On their website, Space Force states that “dark blue and white combine to represent the vast recesses of outer space. The Delta wing evokes historical ties to the early days of the US Air Force space community and symbolizes change and innovation. It also represents all variants of space vehicles that support our national defense strategy and our national security space strategy. The dark and light shades of gray in the delta epitomize Space Force’s 24/7 operations, while the upward placement and orientation of the delta reveals Space Force’s central role in the defense of the space domain.

For now, Space Force is still being established. Recently, they have made many organizational changes to separate their command structure from the Air Force – their original parent body – and move into their own. Currently, their headquarters are at the Pentagon, but they are looking for a suitable location to establish their own separate headquarters.

Currently, Space Force has approximately 16,000 personnel, all of whom came from the original USAF Space Command. Recently, Space Force graduated 86 lieutenants from the USAF Academy to serve in the force. And in March, Space Force launched its first communications satellite. Despite the name of the new branch, the personnel will serve here on Earth.