The Star Trek series based on Starfleet Academy should avoid these ideas

These six ideas are a misdirection for the new Star Trek: Starfleet series.

Nerdist has posted an article suggesting six potential ideas for the next Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series (not the actual title). Spoiler, these are all bad ideas. Every idea but one (which admittedly has potential if reworked) should be avoided like a plague. That’s because five of the six suggestions presented by the Nerdist writer are just new ideas about old ideas.

The first four suggested are all iconic characters only now taking place in Starfleet Academy. The first idea is a James T. Kirk and Spock series, which would just be abhorrent to see another version of these same characters. The fans already have two, we don’t need a third.

The second idea is a series centered on Jean-Luc Picard. Considering how many people are really against seeing more of the same, that again would be a terrible idea. Beyond the fact that the prequels, on the whole, are terrible, everything we need to know about Picard’s past, we already know. Fans want new characters, for Worf’s sake.

The third idea concerns Worf. Dang it. Entered that one. Do you want to see more Worf? You make? Do you want to see more Worf but not played by Michael Dorn? Wait, where did everyone go!? Nobody wants to see it. Do not do it. More prequels. I feel like Edna Mode in The Incredibles. No prequels!

The fourth idea is the story of Nova Squadron. What did I just say? The sixth idea is more or less the same but it’s a prequel to Star Trek: Discovery. The only way this idea could be worse is a prequel to Star Trek: Lower Decks; the two lowest-rated series in the franchise.

The fifth idea is about Starfleet First Class and it has potential but again, no more prequels.

Starfleet Academy should focus on stories set during or after Picard

You can debate that Discovery makes the whole thing a prequel with its time jump, but the problem with that is that the show started out as a prequel, so its entire story will remain as such. This is the story of Discovery, no matter what year the series ends, it will forever remain a prequel series.

Picard is the first true sequel series since Voyager, and because of that, the franchise’s story stays within that general time frame. It would make sense to properly continue the timeline following the events of Picard. You can focus on the idea of ​​Starfleet turning into the utopian entity that Gene Roddenberry always envisioned.

You can reshape it to more closely match Starfleet ideas and stop making every shiplord story about how “Starfleet is bad.” It’s boring now. We’ve had enough, it’s time to push for that fantastic future that has captivated an entire generation.

What better way to implement the pursuit of perfection with none other than the youth of tomorrow. It’s the perfect way to appeal to younger audiences while taking Star Trek in a more upbeat direction, and it helps by getting people to stay away from the pesky prequels you already know the outcome of.

Heck, maybe the Academy series can also take Discovery’s future to a different timeline because “burning” was just a bad idea in my opinion.