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The Space Force wants opinions on its proposed rank insignia

The Space Force asks its members what rank insignia designs they would like to put on their shirt and jacket sleeves.

Mock-ups of enlisted rank insignia from E-2 through E-9 have surfaced on social media in recent days. A survey posted on the popular, but unaffiliated Air Force Facebook page, Amn/Nco/Snco, shows four options to choose from: one is particularly similar to Air Force insignia, while another has the curved “rocker rank” look used for the Marine Corps. and army patches.

“We are conducting a scientifically designed survey to gather feedback from the Guardian on proposed enlisted insignia designs,” service spokeswoman Lynn Kirby said in an email Thursday. Surveys were sent to Space Force members this week, she said.

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Last month, Space Force Chief Master Sergeant Roger Towberman said rank patch announcements would be coming soon. At the annual Aerospace Warfare Symposium, he said the Space Force was in the process of rolling out trial rank insignia and would gather feedback on the designs.

Chief of Space Operations General John Raymond said during a virtual event with the National Press Club on Wednesday that prototype designs for wearable uniforms were being worked on and updates on a new uniform potential should be announced in early April.

The service revealed in January that junior members enlisted between E-1 and E-4 will be referred to as Specialists 1-4. E-5s will be sergeants, followed by technical sergeants at E-6. Space Force officer ranks – second lieutenant to general – will remain the same as those of the Air Force.

Space Force has so far launched its organizational structure; logo, seal, flag and motto; a dark navy name stripe; and a pin.

It issued guidelines on how to wear the operational camouflage uniform as an official service uniform. And he released three commercials to attract new recruits.

In December, then-Vice President Mike Pence announced that space professionals would be called Guardians.

The Space Force still lacks a uniform, physical fitness uniform and mess uniform; a “fight” song or march; and an official crest and rank insignia.

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