The most important moments in Starfleet history

Contrary to popular belief, even among star trek fans, the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet are not the same organization. Starfleet actually predates the Federation and its history is tied to most of the time humans spent in space.

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seven Founded between 2112 and 2136

Long before there was talk of a united earth government or a united group of planets, it was understood that some sort of military force, not only for security but also for construction and exploration, was needed. so that humans continue to progress. So Starfleet was formed just decades after 2063 when Zefram Cochrane discovered warp speed and first contact was between humans and Vulcans.

It was Cochrane himself, along with his friend and peer Henry Archer, who put in place the early scaffolding for what would become Starfleet as they developed more sophisticated warp technology. The organization would eventually evolve into a multi-faceted operation over the years that included several different branches such as medicine, tactics, security, and a corps of engineers along with a scientific and exploratory force.

6 Creation of Section 31, mid-2140s

The exact timing is unknown as it is believed to be a big secret. The significance of Section 31 to the storyline depends on the timeline or alternate reality presented as the setting, with these clandestine and often amoral tactics being more prevalent in the mirror universe or Kelvin timeline.

Section 31 was an essential part of Starfleet and the Federation at one time, relying on their covert methods to gather information and exchange intelligence, and covertly take out anyone who threatened the power and interests of the Federation. Despite the Federation’s open condemnation of such tactics, they were eager to use them when it suited them.

5 The United Federation of Planets is founded in 2161

Following the United Forces’ success at the Battle of Cheron, which saw Human, Vulcan, Andorian, and Tellarite forces drive the Romulan Star Empire to crushing defeat, the United Federation of Planets was founded to formalize the alliance and sustainable. upright.

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Starfleet Academy was founded the same year, and from then on most of the main characters and heroes in TV shows and movies have been commissioned officers. The starships that explored the galaxy carried the Federation’s message of peace and justice wherever they traveled.

4 USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is built, 2245

The ship that would become the flagship of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, the USS Enterprise was the largest starship of its time. The Enterprise is named after a long line of ships, beginning with galleons that were part of the British Navy as early as the 16th century.

The launch of the Enterprise marked the beginning of a new era in space travel for mankind. The Warp 5 era had begun and the Enterprise was one of the first ships to feature this exciting new technology.

3 The Crisis on Tarsus IV, 2246

Not all Federation colonies were a paradise. When a mysterious fungus wiped out most of the crops on Tarsus IV, the population was in danger of starvation and Governor Kodos took drastic measures to ensure the survival of half the colonists – the problem was that he had to kill the other half to do it. . The emergency supply ships arrived earlier than expected, however, rendering their deaths unnecessary, and Kodos was deemed a mass murderer.

RELATED: Star Trek Underrated: The Original Series EpisodesThe tragedy has shaken the resolve of Starfleet, the Federation, and humanity at large. Kodos the Executioner was thought to be dead, but he reappeared decades later under a different name, Anton Karidian. The saga of how he moved for decades in disguise, and how he was finally caught, is told in the TOS episode, “The King’s Conscience”.

2 The Genesis Project, 2285

In the second half of the 22nd century, Dr. Carol Marcus made a bold scientific proposal to Starfleet Command. She and a team of fellow scientists had developed a quick and efficient way to terraform a dead planet and needed Starfleet’s help to test their theory.

The USS Reliant, with Commander Pavel Chekov and Captain Clark Terrell in charge, began searching for a suitable lifeless planet on which the Genesis probe could be tested. However, their plans go awry when they encounter the survivors of a doomed attempt on a colony. It’s Chekov who first recognizes the reference to a TOS episode, “Space Seed”, which he also starred in, and things go downhill for him and Starfleet from there.

1 Praxis is destroyed, 2293

After the moon of Praxis was destroyed and the Klingon Empire was in danger of extinction, the military power that kept opposing forces in the galaxy at bay was in danger of becoming obsolete. For the first time in Starfleet history, there was a real possibility that the military branch of the organization would be downsized or even disbanded.

Not everyone was ready for the change. The last film to star the Star Trek: Terms of Use crew, The unknown country told the story of the impending end of the Klingon Empire, which began with the destruction of Praxis and continued with an assassination, a prison break, and the final voyage of the original starship crew Company.

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