The Discovery finally joins a Star Trek tradition Starfleet

Star Trek: Discovery reveals the latest spaceship upgrade: Disco has its own bar, as does TNG’s Enterprise-D and Lower Decks’ USS Cerritos.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery season 4, episode 2 – “Anomaly”.

The USS Discovery gets a new upgrade in STar Trek: Discovery season 4 which aligns it with a Starfleet tradition. Ever since Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the Discovery cruised into the 32nd century, they’ve had to acclimate to all-new futuristic technology and the myriad changes to Starfleet in the United Federation of Planets. However, Discovery’s latest addition is actually a throwback to a starship tradition started by Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Star Trek: TNG season 2 introduced Ten Forward, a bar located in the forward section of the USS Enterprise-D. Ten Forward even had an owner, Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg), and the ship’s bar was part of how the Oscar-winning actress got on board GNT. Ten Forward has been the site of many classics GNT scenes, and the novelty of a bar where Starfleet officers could relax with a glass of (non-alcoholic) synthehol and the occasional real liquor was repeated on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. DS9 featured Quark’s Bar, a tavern, restaurant, and game room owned by the Ferengi Quark (Armin Shimerman) that was open to Starfleet officers and any aliens visiting the space station. Quark’s Bar has also hosted many pivotal moments on DS9 and contained the holosuites where some of the show’s most popular episodes took place. Although Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: EnterpriseThe eponymous ships did not have their own bars, Star Trek: Lower Decks reintroduces the ship’s watering hole with the helm of the USS Cerritos.


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Star Trek: Discovery season 4, episode 2, “Anomaly”, revealed that the USS Discovery now also has its own bar. The Disco was completely refurbished during Star Trek: Discovery season 3. However, there was no way the ship would get a helm when it was upgraded with programmable matter technology and detachable pods. It looks like Discovery’s bar is already there and just isn’t shown, or it’s another new redesign, maybe even a reward after Captain Burnham and his crew solved the mystery of The Burn and saved the Federation. Either way, the Disco now has a waterhole as a social hub, replacing the Mess Hall where the crew used to gather for meals from the ship’s replicators.

Star Trek Discovery Bar Culber

Ship bars are an invention comprehensible by Star Trek: The Next Generation. They are an interesting counterpoint to another great GNT innovation, the ship’s adviser, a function Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) has taken on in addition to his role as the USS Discovery’s chief medical officer. Being in Starfleet usually means spending years away from loved ones in deep space and tackling all sorts of scientific calamities while exploring strange new worlds and searching for new life. Starfleet officers are under great pressure daily – especially the crew of the USS Discovery, who go from galactic crisis to galactic crisis. That’s why it makes sense that the Disco now has a common area where the crew can let off steam and socialize over a drink.

It’s likely Discovery’s new bar will primarily serve synthehol like its Starfleet counterparts on the other. star trek series. Synthehol has already appeared in Star Trek: Discovery season 3, which was a weird anachronism because the non-alcoholic substitute isn’t supposed to be available on a 23rd century spacecraft like the Discovery. Synthehol is a Ferengi invention widely used by Starfleet in the 24th century. However, Discovery’s bar could also stock genuine premium liquor from alien worlds. Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 already referenced Romulan Whiskey, which was first introduced on Star Trek: Lower Decks. Now that the USS Discovery has a bar, it’s sure to be the scene of exciting scenes in Star Trek: Discovery season 4 in the future, although the Disco logo isn’t literally a martini like Star Trek: Lower Decks‘USS Cerritos.

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