The Borg Queen was going to be Starfleet Tech on Star Trek: Enterprise

The question of the beginnings of the Borg queen would have found an answer in Star Trek: Enterprise.

By now, we know there are myriad Borg queens from different timelines and alternate realities, but there’s always been the question of where she got her start. How did she assimilate to begin with? And if Star Trek: Enterprise had had a fifth season, that question would have been answered. Well, at least for a Borg Queen anyway. While the second-season episode “Regeneration” proved to be a hit, fourth-season showrunner Manny Coto has every intention of revisiting the Collective, according to Whatculture.

Alice Krige, who had previously played the queen in Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Voyager, had been approached about returning as the character, and a fifth season episode was planned where she would have started as a Starfleet technician. . The Enterprise is said to have encountered the Borg again, but whether or not they would have known the names of these villains is unclear. But Krige’s character as a technician would have been assimilated at this time.

Having the Borg Queen on Star Trek: Enterprise would have been epic.

While none of the Enterprise’s first captains met the Borg Queen, there’s still the possibility that Captain Pike from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds might have that unwelcome encounter. But this Enterprise is not the first version. Had she made her debut, of some sort, in Enterprise, we would have had the chance to see the evolution of at least one Borg queen.

Those of us who have watched Star Trek: Picard have seen the evolution of the hybrid Borg Queen who was a combination of the Queen and Dr. Agnes Borgati, but seeing how a tech went from being a member of Starfleet to the One of the United Federation of Planets’ most feared villains would have been a godsend. And that’s one more reason to be disappointed with Enterprise’s early cancellation.