Space force

Surprise: The Space Force Logo Isn’t a Star Trek Logo Scam

After President Trump tweeted this on Friday…

…the internet erupted in outrage (of course), stating that the new Space Force logo was a rip-off of the StarFleet Command United Federation of Planets logo used in the star trek franchise. Here they are side by side:

The truth is not so simple. The Space Force logo is an evolution of the Air Force Space Command logo, its predecessor. And like SlashGear points out that the previous logo was designed in 1982:

The Starfleet logo everyone points to? which was designed by star trek designer Michael Okuda… in 1996, first appearing in Deep Space Nine series.

Former Astris Scientia quotes Okuda as reporting that his 1996 design “was intended to be somewhat reminiscent of the NASA emblem” of the time:

The larger question: Why does Space Force make people so excited and ready to hate it? I guess it’s because our president announced it with all the seriousness of introducing a new Doritos flavor.

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