Starfleet wants to know how long you’ll be staying at Starfleet Academy

How long would you stay at Starfleet Academy?

Do you have what it takes to be a member of Starfleet Academy? Star wants to know if you’re brave enough to be a member of Starfleet Academy. The site now offers a quiz for fans to test themselves. These are just 10 simple questions, but in the end you’ll know if you’re really Starfleet material.

The quiz is more of an aptitude test than anything else. It serves to tell you what you can and would do in Starfleet; you know if Starfleet was real. It only has 10 questions and can give you a pretty good idea of ​​what your position in Starfleet would be like if you really were a cadet. It’s surprisingly not that easy of a test, so if you think it would be a cakewalk and you’re the next James T. Kirk, you’re in for a treat.

Then again you can be a super fan and you can score perfectly.

Have you ever dreamed of attending Starfleet Academy? This is not a walk in the park. The training school is intended to prepare students for the physical and psychological endurance necessary to serve on a Starfleet crew.

Answer the questions below to test your knowledge and see how you would react to the various exams that Academy students are subjected to. Upon completion, you will receive a Starfleet message based on your abilities.

You can take the test by clicking here.

A clue about Starfleet Academy the series?

This could be a nice, ironic nod to the planned Star Trek series set to premiere at Starfleet Academy. These types of advanced marketing ideas aren’t new, and we’ve seen them in movies quite often. Especially with the original Cloverfield movie.

While this specific quiz isn’t likely to be a direct link to anything specific, it could be used to gauge interest, or maybe a bit of marketing to remind you that something new, the series Starfleet Academy, could arrive sooner rather than later.

It may even be a way to help fans get used to new ideas in the series, like aligning with your preferred orientation. For example, in the Harry Potter fandom, there are smaller fandoms focusing on the house that every fan would find themselves in. Similarly, for Star Trek, there are at least three vocations every fan could find themselves in, science, engineering, and command. . This may be a way to integrate more subcultures into the Trek fandom.

If Star Trek wants to target a younger audience and that seems like the idea of ​​the Academy series, then they can try to incorporate more aptitude tests like this into the spirit of Star Trek.