Starfleet Uniforms, Ranked

The arrival of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds gives us our latest imagination of the original series’ iconic uniform – but star trek is home to so many wonderful uniforms that it’s time to go where no track has gone before, and shine a light on those that make the cut… and those that are best used as phaser-fodder.

18) The Movie

Screenshot: Paramount

Now, just because they’re at the bottom of the list doesn’t mean they actually are. evil — they’re just a really, really weird departure from the wonderful technicolors of the original series. The designs themselves are actually quite interesting, they’re just let down by the flat colors across the board – everyone just kinda looks the same whether in beige or gray.

17) Company (Discovery)

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

When Discovery introduces a riff on the classic for the first time hiking uniform, it was actually pretty solid – a fun mix between the colorful division jackets of TOS with jumpsuit design Discovery had already featured as its Starfleet standard, as well as the clever idea of ​​its existence as a uniform for flagship ships like the Business. It’s mainly that the weather hasn’t been kind to this look, especially since Strange new worlds came over and did a much better take on that classic uniform. Plus those jacket collars just look very weird.

16) Business

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

A huge change from what came before it, but one that made sense for Businessof prequel. The blend of modern astronaut suit vibes with the subtle yet remarkable use of star trek the color division to align the shoulders is actually quite clever. It could be very different from what we expect from hiking usual, but it works.

15) Kelvin timeline (pre-split)

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

A bit like the Film combinations, these exchange the kind of color differences we usually expect from hiking for a more standardized look across the board. But sea blue is definitely a better uniform look than TMP‘s sea of ​​beige, and these at least shake it up by subtly differentiating the color tone between the shirt and pant portions of the design.

14) Discovery (Seasons 3 and 4)

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

After jumping to the 31st century, DiscoveryThe uniforms of have undergone a big change to become something much more formal. These certainly read more like a variation of a dress uniform than a true standard uniform at times, but that’s not necessarily bad, and deciding to change the colors in season four instead of them being mostly gray was The good choice.

13) The Cage

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

Of course, they had a singular exit in star trek‘s original pilot, but these are great – space sweatshirts for everyone! It’s a shame there isn’t as much of a color gap as what we’d end up getting (and if so, the standard beige color looks a bit like what TMP would eventually get inspired), but these look pretty comfy, to be honest.

12) Khan’s Wrath

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

Speaking of standard uniforms that are more like clothing variants! They are very fancy, but they’re great – any complaints you might have about the loss of split variants are negated by the big bold use of red, the fit of the jacket, it all works.

11) Kelvin Timeline (After the Split)

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

And if the classic TOS uniform, just a little more modern? This is a great update to the iconic original – there’s something almost athletic about the material of the original star trek 2009 design, with just enough modern texture but not enough to distract from the pure evocative simplicity of the original design. The minor update for Beyond with a high-necked, more fitted overshirt is not enough as good, but they’re overall solid updates.

10) Prodigy (Training)

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

The latest anime hiking the show isn’t big on uniforms as it focuses on a ragtag crew of alien kids, but when it came time for them to dress up in the climax of the first half of the first season, those uniforms Starfleet cadet chics were a really good riff on Academy Dress. No split colors, of course, but there’s just enough going on in the simple black/grey design, and the shoulder coloring cut evokes several previous ones. hiking designs in a cool way.

9) Strange New Worlds

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

The third and newest riff from the original star trek uniform on this list is really very good. Like the Kelvin films’ version, it’s got a ton of little details to give the uniforms a touch of contemporary texture without distracting from the simple design – and the little division emblems woven into sections feel very much in line with the language of design established in Star Trek: Discovery. Combined with a nice modernized riff on the original female officer miniskirt, it’s just a fabulous refresh.

8) Discovery (Seasons 1 and 2)

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

These uniforms were quite controversial at first, but for a star trek show that wanted to serve as a transition between what we had seen from Business visually towards the “future” coming of the original Trek, this is a fantastic take on this more spacesuit design. The blue is a nice touch, and the metallic split coloring on the torso and upper pant may not be the classic colors we all know and love, but it pops really well. And, again, the devil is in the details: incredibly extra from Starfleet to create these color blocks from tiny Starfleet deltas.

7) Prodigy (Admiral Janeway’s crew)

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

Of course we only have one toddler watch them at the very end of Prodigyfirst batch of episodes, and they have a lot in common with the GNT-dress uniforms of the time, but as a standard they work quite well – evoking the post-TOS design language and colors, clever but not overtly clever. It’s clear that Admiral Janeway leads a classy-looking ship.

6) Travel

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

Speaking of Janeway, Of course technically they are the first Deep Space Nine uniforms, and Generations uniforms, but sue me: these are the uniforms we see everywhere Travelerand DS9 would go on to steal his own iconic uniform look from the GNT movies. But anyway, these rule! It’s a nice evolution of GNTcostumes of the time, showing the colors of the division on the chest and on the shoulders, and there are only a little extra touch of color with the lighter undershirt and its high collar.

5) The next generation

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

Whether it’s the original Spandex jumpsuit or the eventual post-season three-jacket look, GNTUniforms are iconic for a reason. We get the division color reshuffling of TOS to put command in red and operations/engineering in gold, and the introduction of uniform black to bring cohesion to the whole crew – but keeping enough division color to feel evocative of TOS – feels like a super smart update on star trek uniform design a century in the making.

4) The original series

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

Sometimes you can’t beat the originals (ignore the fact that they’re at number four; basically every uniform here is good in its own way anyway). The bright color is unlike anything you would have imagined at the time as a uniform for a spaceship, and yet TOSThe legacy and influence are still being felt all these decades later.

3) Picardy

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

picard actually technically had three different Starfleet uniforms – one seen briefly in flashback, one for the rest of season one, then a third for the season two premiere – and they’re all most similar enough not to be worth breaking down individually. The first season’s costumes, both flashback and present, are beautiful modern takes on the design language of the Traveler uniforms, with flashbacks bringing more design to the shoulders, and “present” suits bringing that design touch to the collar cut. Season two, meanwhile, briefly seen as it was, actually looks like a live-action riff on the next entry on this list, and very good for it…

2) Lower decks

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

It might be controversial to put these suits on so high considering Lower decks, despite being really good, still has that sort of underdog reputation just for being animated. But I don’t care, these are fabulous suit. The appearance of the division color all over with the piping on the boots and down to the collar is a nice touch, and the band of white dividing the shoulders and colored body of the jackets is a nice little touch. These feel like a really good step Between the GNT and Traveler/DS9 uniforms of the time, even if they technically come later.

1) Deep Space Nine

Screenshot: ParamountScreenshot: Paramount

As with the Traveler uniforms, yadda yadda yadda appeared elsewhere, yadda yadda yadda don’t care, yadda yadda yadda DS9 is the thing most associated with them. All this apart – these are very good uniforms.

The simple change to bring the division color to the undershirt and gray on the shoulders is a really smart touch that reflects the darker period in which these uniforms were introduced: there’s something a little more militarist in these uniforms as the Federation heads into conflict with the Dominion, but there is only enough of a pop of color to make them feel like star trek still uniforms, a little light in the dark. And it’s all done with just one minor change! Fantastic.

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