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Starfleet Innotech partners with financial advisory firm Soft Landings to manage real estate projects in the Philippines

New York, USA, July 26, 2022, Starfleet Innotech, Inc. (OTC Pink: SFIO) today announced a formal engagement with financial advisory firm Soft Landings Business Accelerators, Inc., to facilitate the deployment of Starfleets projects based in the Philippines.

Soft Landings services cover financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions, asset joint ventures, project term loans, general project management, sales and marketing management, and more. For more than forty years, their principal leaders have accompanied startups and large companies in the expansion, acquisition and pivoting phase. The billion-peso accounts managed by these principals include packaging and financing for the acquisition of Pepsi-Cola Products (Phils.), Inc., as well as investment packaging for the amusement park of world class Enchanted Kingdom. Other accomplishments include successfully raising 1.5 billion pesos ($27 million) to fund the completion of the Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort & Spa (now JPark Island Resort), a five-star hotel/condotel in 556 rooms in Mactan, Cebu.

We are excited to work alongside Soft Landings to work with our ground crews in the Philippines as we mobilize our global network in this region,” said Starfleet CEO Jeths Lacson. Their decades of experience and expertise will allow us to move quickly and confidently in the Philippines, a high growth region for Starfleet, especially Moraya.

Starfleet has a number of major projects lined up in the Philippines within its real estate division, led by the division’s flagship company Moraya. These include waterfront township developments in global tourist destinations such as Palawan and Batangas. These townships offer a wellness-focused lifestyle, with on-site integrative medicine facilities and technology platforms leveraging health data for proactive community wellness insights.

With a focus on Starfleets real estate projects under Moraya, Soft Landings will ensure these projects properly navigate local regulatory frameworks through business and financial advice, while also providing access to networking, advisory and management necessary to secure adequate funding and ensure their success. .


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