Starfleet being in San Francisco is simple but it’s time for Star Trek to move on

The placement of Starfleet in San Francisco was very simple.

The conversation resumed once again about why Star Trek established Starfleet Base in San Francisco. It’s not an overly complicated idea, as it has nothing to do with anything in the universe. For fans new to the franchise, you might not have known that San Francisco is the home of Starfleet; Now you do.

So why was it set in San Francisco in the first place? According to WIRED, it all goes back to Gene Roddenberry’s youth as an Army Air Corps pilot during World War II. He spent many days on warships transported from place to place and had a fondness for the navy. There is a large naval presence in the city and a huge shipyard which handles many imports into the area. Although San Francisco has a very modern sci-fi feel to it, it’s also a city that has a very working-class base.

No wonder Roddenberry chose San Francisco, his Navy ties are legendary. It is also a city with iconic images that set it apart in establishing shots.

Maybe it’s time for Star Trek to see a new home for Starfleet

It’s probably time for Starfleet base to be moved after all these years. While Starfleet taking place in San Francisco made sense in the early days of Star Trek, with the universe so much larger, you could argue that a central point in space would be much more practical.

Additionally, when the Federation was founded, the vast majority of each section was largely unexplored. Although still largely unexplored, it is much more mapped than ever, and Earth certainly won’t remain at the center of an ever-explored map.

A more practical and logical idea is to have multiple locations in the Alpha and Beta quadrants that can serve as home bases. This would allow you to maintain a location in San Francisco, but would also allow these other standalone locations to perform the same function. After all, it’s not like people have to be in person to have meetings in the 24th century.

We don’t even have to be in the same space in the 21st century to have meetings.