Star Trek’s Starfleet Academy series reportedly in production

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy could soon be a real series

A Star Trek series set at Starfleet Academy is indeed in production according to Deadline. The series was rumored to have been considered a few months ago, and now that Deadline says it’s in production, it gives us the idea that we’ll be seeing this series in some form relatively soon.

The biggest problem is that it’s behind Section 31, the much-delayed series about the dark agency behind the Federation.

Gaia Violo, known for her Absentia series, is apparently working on the project. Deadline also reports that even though Section 31 has been in development hell for a few years, the idea is that the show will be picked up and put into production with Michelle Yeoh attached.

It’s worth noting that neither Section 31 nor Starfleet Academy have been taken over by Paramount+, and Stafleet Academy hasn’t even gone through the executive pitch process. So why anyone would be so confident that the show is greenlit is a bit of a surprise.

A Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series could be fun or terrible

A show about cadets at Starfleet Academy could really be fun for fans. Seeing the mundane aspects of their lives, while exploring and expanding the training and education that cadets face would be a lot of fun. Especially if we see how stressful and difficult it is.

What the show can’t do, what would kill it on the spot, is over-glamorize the cadets. Don’t make them “best of the best”, don’t go for tween genius, that’s the adult table trope. Don’t equate them with seasoned Starfleet officers.

Show us what it’s like for the student class to struggle, to show how much effort it takes to be just a crew member on a Starfleet ship, let alone a member of bridge crew. Don’t just take the first-year officer into the thick of an intergalactic battle, where he and he alone could be the reason the good guys win.

This stuff is played.