Star Trek’s Evil Janeway Could Be Starfleet’s New Enemy

Star Trek: Prodigy turned Hologram Janeway into Corrupted Janeway, but this evil version may hint at the truth behind what happened to the Protostar.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Prodigy Episode 9 – “A Moral Star, Part 1”

The evil version of Hologram Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) featured in Star Trek: Prodigy Episode 9 could prove to be an even greater threat to Starfleet. Janeway guided the young alien teenagers who commandeered the USS Protostar and taught Dal R’El (Brett Gray), Gwyn (Ella Purnell), and their friends the values ​​of the United Federation of Planets. Meanwhile, the avatar of Star Trek: VoyagerCaptain Janeway has been confused about her own deleted files and memory loss, but the Protostar’s takeover by the Diviner (John Noble) and Drednok (Jimmi Simpsons) finally offers potential answers in the form of the evil Janeway hologram.


In Star Trek: ProdigyIn the era of 2383, Admiral Kathryn Janeway is considered one of Starfleet’s greatest heroines, due to her guiding the USS Voyager home after seven years in the Delta Quadrant and the number first contacts and explorations made by his spacecraft. Although the real Kathryn Janeway is incorruptible, Star Trek has shown a few evil versions of Janeway before. In the Star Trek: Voyager Season 4 episode “Living Witness”, a 31st century Kyrian has created an evil holographic version of Captain Janeway and the Voyager crew. More recently, in Star Trek: Prodigy episode 4, the living planet the Protostar landed on manifested an evil version of Janeway to scare Dal away. There is presumably a Mirror Universe version of Janeway that has not been seen in Star Trek canon, although Kate Mulgrew voices both Captain Janeway and the Mirror Universe villain Marshal Janeway in the film. . Star Trek: Online Game.

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In Star Trek: Prodigy episode 9, “A Moral Star, Part 1”, Dal, Gwyn, Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui), Zero (Angus Imrie), Jankom Pog (Jason Mantzoukas), and Murf (Dee Bradley Baker) agreed to return to Tars Lamora to save the rest of the Undesirables, who are the other young aliens enslaved by the Diviner. The deal they made with the villain was to give the Devin the USS Protostar and its Proto Drive in exchange for freeing the Undesirables. Of course, the Diviner immediately betrayed the young heroes as he got the two things he was looking for the most: the Protostar and his offspring, Gwyn. When Hologram Janeway protested, the diviner told Drednok to cancel her program and the robot transformed her into the corrupted Janeway, who serves the diviner.

The question is: Has corrupted Janeway ever appeared on the Protostar? In the previous Star Trek: Prodigy episode, “Time Amok”, Drednok used the Protostar’s vehicle replicator to create a version of himself called Dred 2. When Dred 2 invaded the bridge, Hologram Janeway recognized him as Drednok accused the machine of erase his memory. Dr 2 replied “Close, but not quite” before deactivating Janeway’s hologram. But has Drednok ever entered the Protostar when Captain Chakotay (Robert Beltran) was in command? Also, did Drednok ever turn Hologram Janeway into the Corrupted Janeway, and was the evil hologram the cause of what happened to the original Protostar crew? It’s possible that Chakotay was ambushed by the corrupted hologram of Janeway, one of his dearest friends.

Whether or not she attacked Captain Chakotay and led his crew to abandon the Protostar, corrupted Janeway is a formidable threat to Starfleet. As an emergency training hologram, corrupted Janeway is aware of all Starfleet regulations and protocols. She is also integrated with the USS Protostar’s systems, giving the Diviner complete control. We still don’t know why the Protostar is the diviner “Salvation,” and that the Vau N’Akat plans to use Starfleet’s fastest ship in the grand scheme of Star Trek: Prodigy. But if he intends to attack the Federation, the Diviner has a dangerous Number One in corrupt Janeway who can threaten Starfleet like only an evil version of Captain Janeway can.

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