Star Trek: Picard – Could Season 3 See Jean-Luc’s Starfleet Return?

While Star Trek: Picard continues the character-driven story begun in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the first season of the Trek series had a very different premise than its predecessor. While GNTlike most “classic” Trek series, is a workplace drama of the week, picard leans into the serialized format which is much more common in modern television storytelling. For this reason, he hops from place to place and, while the spaceship Mermaid is arguably the show’s main setting, it’s an unregistered fast freighter – not the Starfleet flagship we’re used to seeing Picard on GNT. Judging by the set photos showrunner Terry Matalas regularly shares via Twitter, that’s about to change in Season 3. The new season of picard bring our eponymous hero back on a Starfleet ship?

Matalas isn’t just a great storyteller (he previously ran Syfy’s 12 monkeys), he’s also a good inside man that fans can have on set. The showrunner, who takes over the role picard Michael Chabon’s showrunning duty for Seasons 2 and 3 has regularly given us a glimpse of life on Star Trek’s production, allowing for some serious speculation about what’s to come in the TV series. Check it out…

If the aesthetic above sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve seen them before in the Trek world. The design of the screens is classic TNG, while the bosun’s whistle recalls the one seen in Star Trek VI: The Unknown Country. Before we start speculating that all of this could mean Season 2’s tedious jaunts could end with Picard & co. back in GNT-era Trek, note that many of the design elements above (including the Starfleet logo on the crockery) date from the late 24th century, i.e. when picard Season 1 is set. Together, as Trek Movie originally pointed out, this all hints at a late 24th century starship setting for Season 3.

Honestly, it might be nice to see Picard back on a Starfleet ship. While it was fun to see Star Trek: Picard lean into the western elements of space in season 1, a lot of the show’s tension is understandably based on how Picard and his world have changed since we last saw the character in GNT and subsequent films. Placing Picard in a familiar setting – a Starfleet ship – would be the best way to tell a story about how the character (and Starfleet) has or hasn’t changed. Yes picard Season 1 began with an explanation of the regrets that caused Jean-Luc to leave Starfleet, so what might his return look like? And, if that were to happen, how would Picard’s new found family, the motley crew of the Mermaid, be part of this transition? For my part, I would like to find out.