Star Trek Changes Picard’s Captain Starfleet Legacy (Because of Pike?)

After Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jean-Luc Picard will always be associated with the captaincy of the Enterprise, but is his legacy now changing?

Fact Star Trek: Picard subtly refocusing Jean-Luc’s legacy as Starfleet captain… and is a certain Christopher Pike partly to blame? Few people in the upper echelons of Starfleet have such decorated careers as Jean-Luc Picard. Played by the perennial Patrick Stewart, Picard’s in-universe reputation rests on his exceptional command, his early contact missions, his work as an ambassador for the Romulans and Synths, and his contributions to Starfleet Academy as a Admiral. For star trekHowever, Jean-Luc Picard is best remembered for one specific chapter of his career – captaining the Enterprise during Star Trek: The Next Generation and the resulting film spinoffs.


When Star Trek: Picard season 2 begins, our titular tea-holder enjoys a much better relationship with Starfleet compared to season 1, where he was virtually exiled as a guilt-ridden conspiracy madman. Therefore, the first episode “The Star Gazer” provides a much clearer picture of how Admiral Picard is viewed among his Starfleet underlings and comrades in the current timeline. There’s respect, admiration and reverence by the bucket, sure, but while star trekPicard audiences might assume that Picard’s legacy as captain resonated most strongly on the Enterprise, Star Trek: Picard suggests the ship it is most associated with in-the universe is actually the Stargazer.

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The Stargazer has been referenced several times during The next generationand plays a vital role in building Picard’s pre-Enterprise backstory, but only appeared on screen once and was taken out of service by the time GNT begin. Star Trek: Picard Season 2’s “The Star Gazer” – starting with the very title of the episode – goes one step further by introducing a new Stargazer look (under the command of Captain Rios) that is steeped in Jean-Luc’s legacy. . Dr. Jurati comments on how big shoes Rios have to fill, and the captain responds by imitating Jean-Luc’s classic “manage!slogan. Bidding farewell to Elnor, Picard wistfully gazes at a digital image of the Stargazer, then reminds Raffi how the ship was his very first command. When Jean-Luc finally boards the ship, Rios’ crew comes across himself to show their respect, giving the Admiral a formal honor guard, and in a more questionable (hopefully accidental) tribute, the Stargazer was also imbued with Borg technology – not quite unlike its most famous captain.

In these moments, Star Trek: Picard makes a huge effort to remind viewers that Jean-Luc’s legacy as Starfleet captain extends far beyond the Enterprise alone. In fact, anyone using this episode as their star trek entry point (which would be strange, admittedly) would be forgiven for thinking that the Stargazer was Picard’s main ship. Aboard the Stargazer, Picard is a true god – the figure Captain Rios must emulate the most, and Captain Starfleet’s cadets immediately think upon hearing the ship’s name. This is not the case for Picard other famous captaincy, where the honor of the association is shared (both in-universe and out of it) with James T. Kirk. And maybe that’s why Star Trek: Picard The Season 2 premiere pays so much attention to Jean-Luc’s connection to Stargazer.

Jeri Ryan as Seven and Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek Picard

Since Picard turned into star trek canon, fans have debated whether he or Kirk is the better captain, and that battle will rage on forever. In 2022, however, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will promote Captain Christopher Pike from a TOS background character of a main character star trek protagonist played by Anson Mount. Kirk is irremovable as the legend of the Enterprise and Pike will soon find himself in the spotlight of the Enterprise, so perhaps, rather than the three main characters sharing the ship’s legacy, Star Trek: PicardStargazer’s emphasis is designed to reinforce that Jean-Luc is not defined solely by his corporate years. Indeed, as far as Starfleet is concerned, her name is dropped just as often in connection with the Stargazer – a ship that no other star trek the captain can claim.

Despite the little star trek revealed Picard’s Stargazer years, it makes perfect sense that the ship would be just as important to Jean-Luc as the Enterprise. Patrick Stewart’s character captained the Stargazer for about 22 years and spent even more time aboard at lower ranks. In contrast, Picard ruled the Enterprise (through two separate incarnations) for about 15 years. In Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6’s “Relics” Picard even admitted to missing the Stargazer, despite his Enterprise-D being technically superior – a Scotty feeling compared to “the first time you fall in love“Regardless of the fact that Star Trek: PicardThe focus on Stargazer is a response to Captain Pike getting his own show, Jean-Luc’s emotional connection to the ship in his twilight years provides a better perspective of his entire career as captain – not just the bits and pieces that we saw in The next generation.

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