Star Trek: 10 Classified Starfleet Secrets

In Trek, Starfleet constantly encounters dangerous new technologies, extraterrestrial phenomena and societies. Despite this, they are actually surprisingly transparent with their knowledge. Students at Starfleet Academy, for example, learn about the adventures of Kirk’s Enterprise and the many earth-shattering discoveries they made, with little censorship.

However, Starfleet, like just about every other organization, has secrets it wishes to keep hidden. Technology too potentially dangerous to share, crimes Starfleet has committed in the past, entire worlds off limits, and much other classified information exists known only to the highest ranking officers of the fleet and the organization. secret inspired by the CIA, Section 31.

Section 31 itself, from its inception, retreated further and further into obscurity until it was virtually forgotten by everyone in the 24th century. It’s clear that Starfleet has a knack for hiding what it doesn’t want people to know.

This list will count the top ten secrets that Starfleet has classified over the years. Secrets so dangerous they threatened the very existence of the Federation, and sometimes the entire galaxy.

When the Discovery crew traveled to the 32nd century in Star Trek: Discovery’s third season, the mirror universe’s version of Philippa Georgiou began to have flashbacks, lose control of her mind, and run into trouble. physics at random intervals, and no one on the ship could figure out what was wrong.

The Discovery crew brought this information to Doctor Kovich, who viewed and showed Doctor Culber the classified file of the alien known as Yor. Yor was a Starfleet officer and time soldier who, in 2379, traveled both to the future and to the prime universe from another dimension.

Kovich revealed that his journey to both a different time and universe (just like Georgiou had) caused him to slowly and painfully die as his molecules drifted away from the time and place where they were meant to be.

Interestingly, it’s heavily implied that the universe Yor came from was the rebooted timeline of the new Star Trek movies. Kovich said his reality was created by a Romulan mining ship. Fans assume he was referring to the Narada, Nero’s ship from Star Trek (2009).