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Stand Down: This Space Force Uniform Isn’t Real

Social media, hanging around in this slack period between Christmas and New Years with nothing better to do, has decided to prank aviation enthusiasts and space watchers with a totally unofficial interpretation of the US Space Force uniform, widely shared on Twitter. Differently compared to the uniforms of the brigadiers as well as those of a range of space films (mostly of the parody variety), the unauthorized proposals were widely mocked.

But they are not real. “The uniform graphic shared on social media is not an official US Space Force uniform design concept,” Maj. Nick Mercurio told today. “The Space Force service uniform is still in development.”

Yet the US Space Force, the recently announced fifth branch of the US military, is striving to create itself almost from scratch. Not only is it currently lacking clothing, fitness, and mess uniforms, but it lacks a full ranking structure, official song, or crest and insignia. “There are a few decisions out there that ‘good enough’ aren’t really good enough,” Space Force No. head of space operations. “It’s the one we really want to pull off because the first time people wear it, the first time they see it, it will leave a first impression.”