Space force

Space Force Season 2 Isn’t Coming to Netflix in December 2021

Although we come in peace, we also bring bad news to fans of the Netflix original comedy series. space force. It looks like the Steve Carell sitcom won’t be back in 2021, which means space force Season 2 won’t premiere on Netflix until 2022.

After its debut in May 2020, space force landed a renewal for season 2 in November 2020 despite lukewarm critical reception. But the cast and crew behind the comedy were far too good for Netflix to pass up the opportunity to space force season 2.

The series comes from co-creators Steve Carell and Office boss Greg Daniels and stars Carell as the ill-fated leader of the United States Space Force. Part workplace comedy, part parody, the series is exactly what fans of Office been waiting all these years.

Unfortunately, space force season 2 was not included in Netflix’s full list of new movies and shows coming in December 2021, officially ruling out comedy until 2022. Here’s when we think new episodes will hit your watchlist.

Space Force Season 2 Release Date Predictions

Fortunately, space force Season 2 began filming in May 2021 and wrapped in late June 2021. We previously hoped the show would return in fall or winter 2021, but season 2 never landed a date. official release this year.

Barring a surprise release in December 2021, which is anything but unlikely at this point, space force Season 2 looks set for an early 2022 Netflix release date. An announcement and trailer could be coming soon, and we wouldn’t be surprised if season 2 drops in January or February 2022.

Of course, the release date could shift beyond this window, but for a series like space force, it doesn’t seem necessary to keep fans waiting. There are so many great Netflix shows coming in 2022, and space force season 2 will certainly be part of it.

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