Space force

Space Force has its own theme song

Photo: Ron Chenoy – USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember Space Force? Once a figment of Donald Trump’s imagination, it now exists in the world. There are living Space Force Guardians who do real, if somewhat mysterious, things. Angry emails inform me that the Space Force has serious responsibilities. That may be true, but for the purposes of this blog post, I chose not to care. Space Force still bugs me! I think Guardians is a silly name. The uniforms look weird. The logo tears StarTrek.

But I digress. I am writing today about another Space Force parody. Like other branches of the US military, it now has a song.

And that’s just not good. Now, I’m not convinced any of the branches have a good song, and as the wife of a former Marine and a student of a former marching band, I know them all. (Did you know that if you’re an oboist, your little band program in high school will have you ringing the bell during march season? I had a cape, too.) Anyway, good luck to our Guardians. . Hope the aliens aren’t criticism, but it’s a cruel galaxy out there.