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Space Force: Erin’s 10 Best Quotes

As the youngest character in space force Ten years from now, Erin is a relatable teenager who is out of her depth in a room full of scientists and high-ranking military officers.

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Even still, she manages to get by with a cool demeanor and a sharp wit. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and she always has something hilarious to say. Whether she’s talking to a boy, his father, or an inmate, Erin knows how to control everyone around her.

Federal expenditures

“Government trash! No wonder my high school is just a row of laptops by the side of the freeway.”

Two Space Force characters walk together

When General Naird was sent to Space Force in Colorado, it forced Erin to move in with him. When she is reluctantly steered on a tour of the base by Captain Ali, they inevitably bond when she reveals how isolated she feels without her mother and friends in DC.


Although Naird is a loving father and Erin’s attitude sometimes makes viewers feel sorry for him, he has been known to ignore Erin from time to time, and this scene reveals that the neglect even extends to her life. at school where she is bullied and nicknamed “Remains.”

Leave the network

“Social Media Cleanse. The Internet is for trolls.”

Erin doesn’t ghost guys without a little sarcasm. When she finally becomes aware of Bobby/Yuri’s sinister intentions, she serves him a side of her signature cynicism with her sweet serve.

It takes a frustrating time for Erin to realize that “Bobby” is using her and even longer to find out exactly why. The blatant and perhaps willful ignorance of his father and the other Bobby/Yuri commanders is clear political satire, a running theme of the show that is central to its premise.

A ball of Snark

“It’s hard to forget the sight of a grown man ordering children’s cereal as a dessert topping.”

In the first season of space force, Erin is flirting with two guys. The second is Duncan, who meets her through work serving ice cream to others on base.

It’s clear from the start that Erin loves Duncan, but she keeps him at bay after being recently betrayed by Bobby/Yuri. Her own smarts and bad experience with her ex have her picking on Duncan, despite his best efforts to impress him, which is arguably one of the worst things Erin has ever done.

To make friends

“You wouldn’t have, say, a Methhead girl I could have brunch with with some time, would you?”

When Naird visits his wife on a conjugal visit, his daughter arrives and strikes up a conversation with inmates outside about their relationship with her mother.

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Despite her suave outward appearance, Erin has a hard time making friends in her new town. When she learns that her mother has a harder time making friends in prison than she did in high school, she feels even more isolated than she already was. Maybe that’s why she picks on the inmate a bit.

Duncan goes intellectual

“Duncan, did you read to impress me?”

Private Duncan tries to convince Erin by reading. Unfortunately, Erin soon realizes that the material Duncan has been reading are conspiracy websites.

Duncan embodies much of what Erin and the show’s creators seem to despise, ignorance and suggestibility. While this may make him a good soldier, he is by no means a great critical thinker. However, many viewers found Erin’s attitude towards Duncan, and her subplot in general, to be one of the reasons why. space force ultimately failed to launch.

Greetings The Chinese delegation

“I promise I won’t trigger an international incident like you almost did.”

To say that the meeting of China and the United States on the moon is tense would be a severe understatement. While Naird does his best to defuse things, he definitely played a role in the conflict, which Erin would later throw in his face when they greet the visiting Chinese delegation.

It is not easy to juggle the sympathies of another nation and the sarcasm of a teenager. Luckily, Erin comes in handy later that night when she shows an amazing knowledge of Chinese customs and table manners that impresses their guests.

Why she would stay close for college

“Because he’s close enough to my dad that he can keep tabs on me without reassigning a satellite.”

space force season 2

General Naird never does things halfway, and helping Erin prepare for her college interview is no exception. The two face a disagreement when Erin, supported by Dr. Mallory, chooses to give truthful answers about her uncertainty.

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Even though Naird fails to heed Erin’s wishes until the end of this episode, it’s clearly out of love for her and a desire for her to have success and security in life. This makes this scene an incredibly touching display of affection from Naird, despite the fact that it involves conflict between the two of them.

doing well

“I had a good day on the stock market, so I gave Brad a couple hundred dollars to speed him up a bit.”

Two characters sit and talk together in Space Force

Erin decides college isn’t for her and decides to reinvest the money from her college fund into the stock market. His father is, of course, very upset when he finds out.

It’s interesting how Erin’s irresponsible decisions end up working out for her. His devilish outlook on life stands in stark contrast to his father, a Chinese zodiac Ox who enjoys doing things the hard way. She forces him to see things from a new angle and vice versa.

hymn idea

“What if we did something that’s both off the beaten path and also cutting edge. Like, what if we had Trixie Mattel or Shangela singing on a track?”

During a meeting of the minds, the team begins to brainstorm ideas for a Space Force anthem. After Naird suggests a self-composed fife song and Mallory follows up with ambient noise, Erin decides to pitch the idea of ​​a drag queen doing a number.

Many teenage girls love Rupaul’s Drag Race, so it makes sense that Trixie and Shangela quickly came to Erin’s mind. The idea is quickly dismissed by her father, but their schedules were probably too busy anyway. As Erin says, they “should be so lucky.”

Mukbang Pizza for Captain Lancaster

“A bit of cardboard, a hint of a 1999 Toyota Camry and some cigarette smoke.”

Erin eats pizza in Space Force

After the new administration takes office, Space Force faces severe budget cuts that force them to abandon the Mars mission altogether. This leaves Captain Lancaster floating aimlessly through space, which encourages Erin to entertain him with an ASMR-style experience of eating the foods he misses from his home on Earth.

Even though she’s basically doing what she loves anyway (eating pizza and drinking soda), this scene shows Erin’s compassionate side and gives the audience a rare chance to connect with Captain Lancaster after her launch. in the afterlife.

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