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Space Force commits to developing networking hub at Grand Forks Air Force Base – Grand Forks Herald

GRAND FORKS — The U.S. Space Force is committed to advancing the Space Development Agency’s Space Networking Center at Grand Forks Air Force Base as the SDA prepares to join the Space Force in October.

In a press release Wednesday, May 18, Sen. John Hoeven, RN.D., said he received the pledge this week from Space Force Chief John Raymond. The Space Networking Center at GFAFB supports the SDA’s low Earth orbit satellite mission and will serve as the backbone for all global US military communications.

“Grand Forks Air Force Base is the perfect location to host the Space Development Agency’s first Space Networking Center in support of the future network of low Earth orbit satellites,” Hoeven said in a press release. . “We have worked with SDA and the Air Force to secure this new mission, which is essential for our nation to stay ahead of our adversaries in the development of critical new technologies.”

The satellite mission comes as all US military branches begin to transition from a radio wave-based system to a laser-based communication system. The satellites are partially designed by the defense and technology company, General Atomics, at the Grand Sky commercial and research drone park near GFAFB. Hoeven announced the satellite mission in September last year, then worked to secure $18 million in funding in fiscal year 2022 to establish SDA’s Space Networking Centers.

Hoeven said that over time, the mission could include not only operating SDA satellites, but also linking them to unmanned aerial systems, which would complement the GFAFB’s role in intelligence, surveillance, and intelligence missions. Air Force reconnaissance.

Hoeven and Sen. Kevin Cramer, RN.D., worked with SDA Director Derek Tournear to identify funding priorities to advance the new satellite networking hub. They also discussed this priority with Air Force Chief of Staff General Charles Brown during a visit to Grand Forks.

Hoeven also hosted Tournear in Grand Forks to outline efforts to establish the new center and announce the new laser communications project.