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‘Space Force’ characters and their ‘The Office’ counterparts

At first glance, Office and space force may not have much in common. After all, what overlap can there be between the day-to-day tasks of a paper company and a new branch of government? It turns out that the two American comedies share a significant amount of overlap. For a, space force was created by screenwriter Greg Daniels and Steve Carell – whose partnership dates back to their days together on Office.

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It’s not that Daniels has decided to create another sitcom similar to the hit series. always like space force further developed in its second season, the characters came to interact with each other in the same way. As Daniels said Collider in an interview, “The thing that Steve is so brilliant at and had been used to for Office is the ability to improvise with the other actors. Comedies in the workplace like Office and space force require an ensemble cast to do the job, and the parallels between the two shows and their characters are obvious.

Pam Beesly/Erin Naird

For The offices Pam Beesley (Jenna Fisher), a receptionist role is just another job to pay the bills. She is there because she needs to be but hopes to be anywhere else. Likewise, Erin Naird (Diana Silvers) would rather be anywhere but the Space Force base. Her father, General Naird, moved his family to Colorado from Washington D.C., leaving Erin to fend for herself in the new surroundings.

Pam is the first person Dunder Mifflin employees see when they walk through the door, but her role in the office is subordinate. While Erin, just a teenager among high government officials, is often overlooked for her age. And yet, these two young women are observant and self-aware and tend to know everything that’s going on around them (whether they like it or not).


General Mark Naird/Michael Scott

Running a paper company may not be of such a high caliber as becoming the Space Force’s first chief of operations, but someone has to do it. Naturally, Carell’s portrayals of Michael Scott and General Mark Naird are bound to be similar, especially since he had a hand in the creation of both roles.

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General Naird de Carell can boast more accomplishments in his field – he was nominated for the job by the President, after all. But the general and everyone’s favorite boss, Michael Scott, run their respective companies with a high level of trust and empathy for their employers. They also point out how difficult it is to make decisions for a team while mocking corporate management styles.

Dr. Adrian Mallory/Dwight Schrute

space force Dr. Adrian Mallory (John Malkovich) navigates the workplace under its cover. His work is so good, which means Dr. Adrian can go against the weaponization of space and his boss’s orders, but he gets the job done.

Likewise, fans know that The offices Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) operates with its own strict philosophy and rules. The assistant regional manager spends every season going against Michael’s best judgment, but he still continues to excel in sales. Both men are adamantly against the structure of the workplace and challenge their bosses while remaining diligent in their roles.

F.Tony Scarapiducci/Andy Bernard

Toni Scarapiducci (Ben Schwartz) knows little about space. But he’s known for getting things done in the media world and at Space Force. In this sense, Tony is most like Andy Bernard from The Office (Ed Helms) in the way they treat their work and their colleagues.

Media management and sales leadership involve a strong network of relationships and outgoing personalities. Sometimes Tony and Andy’s co-workers are annoyed by their antics, but the two always prove to be a source of entertainment and humor at their respective workplaces.

Captain Angela Ali/Jim Halpert

Captain Angela Ali (Fawn Newsome) became the first black woman to walk on the moon. After returning to Earth, a feat in itself, his priorities lie in bigger and better places than Space Force. Possibly Jim Halpert (John Krasinksi) had less impressive accomplishments during his time at Dunder Mifflin, but he too had bigger dreams than his current workplace.

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These level-headed characters bring logic and reason to their respective offices, and it’s their growth that turns them into fan favorites. Additionally, the two have engaged in a sort of office romance (although Angela’s is less of a romantic gesture and more to ease the stress of her job).

Bradley Gregory/Toby Flenderson

It seems that every office has its punching bag. At Space Force, it is the second in command and assistant to General Naird, Bradley Gregory (Don Lake). Bradley is passionate about the job, but his incompetence leads to disrespect and ridicule from his colleagues.

Bradley can surely ask HR for help, but other characters, like The offices Toby Flenderson (Paul Liberstein) – are not so lucky. Much like Bradley, Toby endures years of torment, verbal abuse and blatant disrespect from Michael Scott. Despite their circumstances, these diligent workers are simply trying to get the job done.

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