Space force

Soaring High: Pentagon Space Force Gets New Uniform

The US Space Force unveiled its new dress uniform design on Tuesday, aiming to mark the future of the Pentagon’s all-new uniformed service.

The prototype for the new Guardians of the Space Force uniform, as they have been officially designated, is a cropped navy blue jacket with a large flap on the right chest, secured by a diagonal line of six silver buttons.

It has a stand-up collar, and the service badge, with a delta-shaped flare poking into a star, is worn below the left chest.

The jacket is matched with gray pants or skirt.

“Modern, distinctive, professional,” Space Force called it in a tweet.

“Every winning team needs a uniform! We started with the women’s design and then created the men’s prototype,” wrote Chief of Space Operations General Jay Raymond.

Officially launched in December 2019, Space Force was organized to meet the challenges of warfare in the exosphere, considered a separate theater from the Air Force.

Similar patterns with diagonal buttons now breast flaps have been seen for centuries in European and American uniforms, and are today donned with copious amounts of braid by marching band drum majors.

But Space Force designers seemed aware of the sleeker uniforms seen in “Star Trek,” “Battlestar Galactica” — where the uniforms also had diagonal buttons — and “Star Wars.”

Indeed, the force’s service insignia and logo are difficult to distinguish from those of Starfleet Command from Star Trek.