Season 2 of Picard returns to Starfleet next week

Star Trek: Picard season 2 premieres March 3, 2022.

When Star Trek: Picard season two begins next week, there will have been a time jump of about a year, according to character profiles shared by the cast of The Ready Ready, hosted by Wil Wheaton. As they showcase where their characters are at the start of the season, fans will be happy to see that Admiral Jean-Luc Picard is back with Starfleet, now as Chancellor of Starfleet Academy. (Now that’s what the next Starfleet series needs!)

Amazingly, not only does Raffi teach at Starfleet, but Elnor joined Starfleet as the first fully Romulan cadet. And an even bigger surprise sees Captain Rios back as Starfleet captain aboard the USS Stargazer. Familiar name, right? But the registry for this ship is NCC-82893 which is different from the one Captain Picard ordered a while ago, according to Trekmovie.

Star Trek: Picard sets the tone with season two and an epic battle.

While Dr. Jurati (is she being punished for killing Dr. Maddox?) and Soji have traveled the galaxy building goodwill and trust with synths and other worlds, Seven of Nine is now the captain of La Sirena with only a holographic version of Captain Rios for company. She joined the Fenris Rangers, and although she and Raffi seemed to have started a relationship at the end of the first season, Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd said that there were problems between them, so for the moment, things are not going well. going so well.

Also included in the video for The Ready Room released by Paramount Plus is a short battle scene that takes place aboard the Stargazer with Admiral Picard beginning the countdown to the ship’s self-destruct sequence and an eerily familiar voice l ‘appellant. All told, this brief clip is epic enough to draw viewers who aren’t so sure about coming back for season two. This season seems like a different race with much bigger consequences.