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Orion Space Solutions Team Selected to Lead US Space Force’s Tetra-5 Mission – Parabolic Arc

Team of mostly small aerospace companies wins USSF mission development contract

LOUISVILLE, CO (Orion Space Solutions PR) – The US Space Force (USSF) has awarded Orion Space Solutions a contract to develop three spacecraft in support of the USSF’s mission to advance and launch new technologies into space.

Together with its partners Hera Systems, Inc. Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. and SCOUT Space Inc., Orion Space Solutions (OSS) brings together a diverse and highly skilled team to build and deploy new satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO). Satellites in GEO orbit fly at a height where the orbital period of the satellite is equal to the rotational speed of the Earth. This allows a satellite to “sit” in space, viewing a single location on Earth over time.

“The OSS team is excited to support the USSF,” says Chad Fish, the project’s principal investigator and COO of Orion Space Solutions. “The team, made up largely of small, non-traditional aerospace companies, demonstrates the depth of skills, as well as the agility and innovation that small companies bring to U.S. government programs and more broadly within industry. aerospace.”

The OSS team offers deep experience in building mission-specific systems, including spacecraft and payload design, assembly, integration and testing capabilities, as well as mission operations and the ground support.

The OSS team’s small satellites – for this mission, the size of two carry-on bags – provide the USSF with a low-cost, agile access solution to the “New Space” space mission. From start to finish, the USSF plans a 5-year development and mission for the program in support of its Tetra-5 Space Vision program.

About Orion Space Solutions

Orion Space Solutions (OSS) was born out of a vision to apply fundamental knowledge of space physics to real-world problems. Founded in 2005, OSS is a leader in the small “New Space” satellite industry. We leverage our scientific and technical expertise to develop unique solutions to address the complex disciplines of space physics, instrumentation, modeling capabilities and data analysis; OSS transforms science into data, data into knowledge.