Space force

Northrop Grumman Wins $341 Million Space Force Contract for Space Domain Reconnaissance Radar Program

Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability (DARC) rendering. Photo: Northrop Grumman

The US space force awarded Northrop Grumman a $341 million contract for a ground-based radar system to track deep space objects for space domain awareness. The Space Systems Command (SSC) award announced Wednesday is for the new Deep-Space Advanced Radar Capability (DARC) program.

Northrop Grumman said the DARC will serve as an additional sensor in the military’s space surveillance network with increased capability to monitor deep space objects. It will eventually provide full global coverage.

The initial contract includes the design, development and delivery of a site system located in the Indo-Pacific region, which is expected to be completed in 2025. Two follow-on sites are also planned.

Pablo Pezzimenti, vice president of national integrated systems for Northrop Grumman, said the DARC program radar “will significantly improve space domain awareness for geostationary orbit.”

“While current ground systems operate at night and can be affected by weather conditions, DARC will provide an all-weather, 24/7 capability to monitor the highly dynamic and changing geosynchronous orbital environment. fast, essential to national and global security,” Pezzimenti said.