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Netflix’s Space Force canceled after two seasons

Netflix has canceled its workplace comedy series Space Force starring Steve Carell following a disappointing reception for the show’s second season.

The Netflix comedy series space force was canceled after two seasons. Created by Steve Carell (Office) and Greg Daniels (Parks and recreation), the series centered on the somewhat clumsy efforts of Space Force, a newly formed branch of the United States armed forces. Debuting in May 2020, the show starred Carell as the newly appointed Chief of Operations, General Mark R. Naird. He was accompanied by familiar faces such as John Malkovich (In the line of fire), Benjamin Schwartz (Parks and recreation), Diana Silvers (Library), Jimmy O’Yang (Silicon Valley), Tawny Newsome, Don Lake and Lisa Kudrow (Friends).


Now, according to Deadline, space force was officially canceled by Netflix after its second season. Low viewership, along with average reviews, were cited as the reason for the decision. With Season 2 failing to top fifth place on Netflix’s Daily Top 10, the show joins the streamer’s other recently removed shows such as Raising Dion, Archives 81, and The Babysitters Club.

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Inspired by former President Donald Trump’s real-life Space Force formation, the show hoped to claim a dedicated comedy fan base through Office Daniels and Carell collaborators. After its second season debuted in February, the show appeared to fail in its efforts to win over viewers despite a change in creative direction and the enlistment of comedy veteran Ken Kwapis. Although Season 2 seemed to receive a slightly warmer reception, earning a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the show’s inability to meet Netflix’s ever-growing need for major, financially rewarding content means that space force the cancellation probably won’t surprise subscribers.

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Source: Deadline

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