Deep space exploration

NASA Calls for Comments on Deep Space Exploration Goals; Pam Melroy quoted

NASA has shared its 50 point objectives for deep space exploration and seeks feedback from industry, academia, international communities and others on its Moon to Mars goals.

The space agency said Wednesday that plans are underway to transport astronauts to the lunar surface as part of the Artemis missions and that the four exploration categories are transport and habitation; Lunar and Martian infrastructures; operations; and science.

According NASA Assistant Administrator Pam Melroypublic comments on the mentioned objectives will be taken into account when planning the explorations of the Moon and Mars for the next two decades.

“With this approach, we will find potential gaps in our architecture as well as areas where our goals align with those of industry and international partners for future collaboration,” she added.

Comments on the goals are due May 31. NASA will also hold two workshops with stakeholders to review feedback in June and July.

“These goals will take us toward our first analog mission to Mars with a crew in space and prepare us for the first human mission to the surface of the Red Planet,” said Jim Free, Associate Administrator of the Development Missions Branch. exploration systems.