Michael Dorn’s Cryptic Tweet About Starfleet Return Isn’t For A Star Trek Show Or Movie [UPDATED] –

No actor has had more Star Trek screen time than Michael Dorn, and on Monday he took to his Twitter account to hint that there may be more Worf in his future. TrekMovie hasn’t been able to confirm what this is, but we’ve ruled out two big possibilities.

Dorn has been summoned… but to what?

On Monday afternoon, Michael Dorn tweeted: “I just heard the news, I have been called into action. Starfleet is calling. This encrypted tweet garnered thousands of likes and retweets and hundreds of comments within an hour.

Michael Dorn played the Klingon, Worf, in seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and four seasons of Deep Space Nine, as well as the four TNG feature films. He also played his own ancestor in the latest TOS movie, Star Trek VI: The Unknown Country. Even with all that Star Trek and countless hours in the makeup chair, Mr. Dorn made it clear he was ready to reprise the role. For years he’s been tossing around an idea for a new Worf-focused series set in the Klingon Empire. He spoke to TrekMovie about this terrain earlier this year.

So is it time to break out the blood wine for Mr. Worf’s return?

Michael Dorn in the 2021 film Agent reveal

UPDATE: Not for Paramount+ streaming

While Dorn’s tweet about being called back to action by Starfleet could be seen as a clue related to his Captain Worf show, or maybe one of three or both live-action series. Star Trek animated series currently in development, it appears that is not the case. Case. TrekMovie has confirmed with sources that whatever it is is not related to a Paramount + Star Trek project. [A spokesperson for Paramount+ has since confirmed our original report.]

UPDATE: Not Paramount Pictures either

Sure, Paramount Pictures just announced a new Star Trek movie for 2023, however, that movie is described as “top secret,” so having an actor tease his role on Twitter doesn’t exactly fit the style of the producer’s mystery box. JJ Abrams. And a Paramount Pictures spokesperson confirmed they weren’t behind this new Mr. Dorn tease.

Michael Dorn as Worf in Star Trek: Nemesis

But what could it be?

There’s also the matter of the “#ad” hashtag included in Dorn’s tweet. Usually “ad” or “#ad” is used for social media posts that are sponsored, to transparently show that the poster is financially compensated. There are actual FTC guidelines for sponsored posts. However, these are usually articles that mention a specific product, which is obviously not the case. However, it still feels like Dorn’s tweet is related to some kind of promotion.

One possibility would be that this is related to a licensed Star Trek product, including current (or possibly future) Star Trek games. Both star trek online console and PC game and the Star Trek: Fleet Command The mobile game regularly calls on high-profile Star Trek stars to voice their characters, as well as for promos.

TrekMovie will monitor the situation and provide updates on Dorn summon news.

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