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Meet Diana Silvers: All About Space Force Star

Netflix’s Space Force 2 just released on February 18th. This comedy series stars Steve Carell playing Mark R. Naird who is an Air Force pilot. His responsibility is to lead a new division called Space Force of the United States Armed Forces.

Apart from Steve, Diana who plays his daughter has started to become the talk of the show. That’s all we know about Diana Silvers.

Who is Diana Silvers?

Get ready to meet Diana Silvers. She is a young actress ready to impress Hollywood.

She is an actress as well as a model who was discovered through Instagram. She’s appeared in movies and done modeling projects, but now she’s set to join Netflix Comedy Series Space Force 2.


She was born on November 3, 1997. She is American by nationality. Her middle name is Margeret.

She was born in the City of Angels of Los Angeles, California. She has 5 siblings.

Her ethnicity and religion are mixed as her father is an American Jew while her mother is from Switzerland. Her passion for acting began as a child as she started her first acting camp at the age of 12 inspired by the movie What is eating Gilbert Grape.


Diana attended Palisades Charter High School.

She is a proud dropout of New York University where she studied acting. There’s an Instagram post of his photo in a college magazine with the #to give up.

Her acting career

Before we continue to watch his great performance on Space Force, let’s list his previous acting work.

She started with a Hulu series Into The Dark where she appeared for an episode called “Flesh and Blood”. Into the Dark is a thriller series.

IN the year 2019, she appeared in the M Night Shyamalan’s movie called Glass where she had a minor cheerleading role. She then appeared in the movie name Booksmart where she played the character named Hope. It was his first recognizable role.

She even did a horror movie released in 2019 titled Ma where she played the role of Maggie Thompson.

During the confinement, she suffered from anxiety. This led her to watch The Office. She became obsessed with the character of Steve Carrel. It was kind of a dream come true when she was cast in Space Force as she will be playing the character called Erin Naird who is the daughter of Steve Carell. Dreams come true!

She also embarked on a project called Ava where she played the character of Camille chased by the streaming movie Birds of Paradise in which she played Kate Sanders.

Her modeling career

As mentioned earlier, Instagram was the Kickstarter of her modeling career. She has since been discovered by IMG Models through their “Love your Genes” account.

It started in her senior year of college and helped her pay the fees. Her biggest achievement was when she was the closing model for Stella McCartney’s fall show.

His Instagram

Silver’s Instagram just isn’t filled with typical model photos or just promotional videos of her acting endeavors. She seems to have an interest in photography and you can see a lot of nature-focused images in a few of her early posts.

She maintained her account with very sophisticated and glamorous shoots while contrasting with an equally normal polaroid or a blurry photo of her being a normal person where she can be seen lying on the floor tired.

So when are you going to watch Space Force 2?