Lower Decks Star Dawnn Lewis on Being a Starfleet Captain Who Cares Too Much [Exclusive Interview]

I’ve asked other people at “Lower Decks” about this, but I’m going to ask you too. I feel like with “Lower Decks” and “Strange New Worlds” it really feels like we’re back in that golden “Star Trek” era that we were in the 90s again. Why do you think “Star Trek” is resonating with people again?

Honestly, I think in today’s world we are given more and more reasons and opportunities to see ourselves as human beings and what each person, what each culture, what each race, what each nationality brings to the table. Whether it’s due to the growth of wider television coverage, or internet coverage, or immediate newsgathering, we’re seeing each other more.

And as more and more groups speak up to be identified, recognized, respected, it’s calling everyone to say, “Okay, I didn’t even know you existed before. I didn’t know you felt this before. I step back, pause and see or do what I can to try to understand.” Or, sadly, “Even though I see you, I refuse to understand, because my opinion is more important than your reality.” And I think that’s where we are.

So our show that’s coming across the galaxy looking at different planets, different cultures, different races and finding ways to talk to each other, to encourage each other, to work with each other, I really think that reflects where we’re at in the world today. There is no one way to see anything. And our shows, the “Star Trek” universe and franchise, each of these series takes its own perspective on “How can we best see and engage with each other, however different we are?” And I think the world needs to see that, even if it’s in a dramatized version, I think the world needs to see that. They don’t see each other there anymore. They don’t see them as “other”. They do not consider others as “others”.

They say like, “Thanks for the information.” More often than not, I find people who say “Thanks for the information”, while there are still some who refuse to receive the information and it is more important for them to spit out their rhetoric. And it’s like, “Okay.” But we still need to spread these messages like, “How can we better see and engage with each other?”

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