Space force

GSD&M Takes a Recruitment-Based Approach to Space Forces

“Space is tough,” Raymond begins, over some low-key visuals of orbiting craft and USSF control centers. “Before, all we had to worry about was astrophysics, Kepler’s law, gamma rays, solar flares, rocket science, black holes and the theory of relativity.”

But now, he continues, “we are also tracking about 30,000 objects orbiting at over 17,500 miles per hour. And our whole way of life depends on us protecting our satellites from attack day and night. Yeahspace is difficult.”

The ad fades after the USSF’s Star Trek-style logo and web address appear on screen.

Of course, the organization has absorbed plenty of criticism since former President Donald Trump announced its formation in 2019 – and Trekkie’s design flourishes haven’t helped. So the campaign’s pragmatic approach seems right, affirming the USSF’s goals with a refreshing lack of fanfare and hype. Yes, there’s a patriotic intensity to it, but it’s a candid appeal that leaves promises pie in the sky on the carpet.

Unveiled by Raymond at today’s 36th Annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, the work will take place primarily on the Air Force Recruiting Service’s YouTube channel, targeting STEM-savvy and intrigued Gen Zers. by pursuing a career in space to serve their country.

The initiative follows GSD&M’s introductory effort for the USSF last year, which proclaimed, “Earth is only half the battle.”


Agency: GSD&M
Creative Director: Jay Russell
Group Creative Director/SVP: Jeff Maki
Creative Director: Christopher Colton
Creative Director: Clay Hudson
Production Manager/SVP: Jack Epsteen
Main producer: Andy Rosenthal
Account Service: Bo Bradbury, Norah Rudyk, Maddie Page, Madison Pfleiderer
Strategy: Luke Dreyer
Social Media: Jennifer Siegel, Maggie Rosenbohm, Grace Amiss
Executive Director of Media: Dave Kersey
Director of Digital Media: David Baker
Media: Natalia Perez, Carson Chiu, Jenna Caputo
Business Affairs Manager: Karen Gatewood
Project manager: Lisa Valencia, Lucas Fiser


Production Company: Scholar (USED ONLY FOR LIVE JOBS)
Directors: Will Johnson, Chris Finn
Managing Director / EP: Jo Arghiris
Production Manager: Tyler Locke
Executive producer: Richard Kaylor
DP: Dallas Sterling

Editorial: scholar
Publisher: Healy Snow
Colorist: Seth Reicart, RCO

SOUND DESIGN AND MIXING: position to be determined
Design and animation: erudite
Creative Director(s): Will Johnson, Chris Finn
Managing Director / EP: Jo Arghiris
Production Manager: Tyler Locke
Producer: Seth Gantman
Creators: Hana Yean, Madison Kelly
2D animators: Wu Hyun Lew, Zach Herdman, Jaewoo Park, Matthew McLelland
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Screenplay: Fred Fassberger
ENGINEER: Brad Engleking
PRODUCER: Francess Tom-Sahr