Discovery just set up a Starfleet Academy spin-off?

The fourth episode of Star Trek: DiscoveryThe fourth season bids farewell to one of the main characters of the series. (SPOILERS follow for the Star Trek: Discovery episode “Anything Is Possible”.) Sylvia Tilly struggled with her role as a Starfleet officer for weeks. In “Anything Is Possible”, she realized that she might not be in Starfleet for the right reasons. The realization came after Tilly and Adira joined a group of Starfleet cadets on what was supposed to be a routine training mission. Things went very wrong. Tilly managed to keep the group alive on a hostile planet long enough to be rescued. Upon returning to Starfleet Headquarters, Tilly received an offer from Kovich to teach at Starfleet Academy. After a tearful goodbye, Tilly left Discovery for his new position.

We know Mary Wiseman ain’t out Discovery absolutely. His comments on The preparation room after the debut of “All Is Possible”, suggest that Tilly will return later this season. Is it possible that Tilly’s unexpected departure sparked the long-running rumor Starfleet Academy series?

There have been rumors of a Starfleet Academy show that has been circulating since Alex Kurtzman signed on as Star Trek’s head of television development. A New York Times Kurtzman’s profile has reignited speculation about the project. Kurtzman more or less confirmed some developments regarding the series when he mentioned it during the Star Trek Day event stream in September. He said: “I know there’s been a lot of talk about Starfleet Academywhat excites us.” He didn’t provide any further details.

Since the rumors predate the USS Discoverythe jump in time, the most assumed Starfleet Academy would occur during a familiar Star Trek era, either the 23rd or 24th century. As the idea had been brewing for years now, plans could have changed with Discoveryjump in time.

To have Tilly leading a Starfleet Academy series set in the 32nd century would offer some exciting possibilities. This would allow Wiseman to play a prominent role as Tilly. She could develop the character separately from the Discovery cast, which is filled with fan favorites. Tilly is also the perfect point-of-view character for a Starfleet Academy series. She has just graduated, serving aboard the Discovery during the Klingon War while still a cadet. However, his rapid promotions, the time that Discovery‘s First Officer, and time travel give him experience beyond his years.

Additionally, sending Tilly to the academy to teach during the post-Burn era would provide more opportunities to check out familiar alien societies. There’s also additional drama to tap into from the Federation only now beginning to rebuild from a near-collapse.

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