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Did Steve Carell’s series influence the US Space Force uniform?

When Space Force released its prototype uniform in September last year, many pointed out that it gave the call ‘Battlestar Galactica’. To complete the sci-fi vibe, each button bore the branch logo, and others say it resembles those from Star Trek. The criticism was not just about the uniform, but about the branch itself. Using taxpayers’ money to design such uniforms, more so, establishing a new military branch aimed at “maintaining US space superiority” is really something. Netflix also featured a workplace satire starring Steve Carrell titled “Space Force.”

Last May, the US Space Force (USSF) uniform was updated, and people couldn’t help but notice that the new uniform was similar to the Space Force uniform of Steve Carrell’s Netflix this time.

Space Force Creation

In 2019, Trump signed the act establishing the US Space Force in a ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, creating the sixth military branch and a new one since 1947. With that and a budget of $738 billion for the exercise 2020, everything about Space Force had to be done from the ground up. Part of that, of course, was the logo and uniform that would visually represent the branch. As Trump said at the ceremony,

Space is the world’s newest combat domain. Amid grave threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely vital. We are leading, but we are not leading enough, and very soon we will be leading by a lot.

Timothy Sandland, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A common criticism was that the agency and its goal of “protecting United States interests in space” was such a waste of money that Netflix released a series satirizing the agency, starring Steve Carell.

But then what? Space Force just went with their stuff and released the prototype of their uniform which, as mentioned above, had the Battlestar Galactica-Star Trek vibe. As NPR described,

The Space Force uniform combines a dark blue jacket with gray pants. Its buttons highlight the delta shape the service adopted soon after its inception – and which has often been compared to the Starfleet emblem of the venerable Star Trek franchise.

Space Force chief of operations General John Raymond predicted that the uniform would be further refined before it was finally deployed as “force keepers”.

Netflix’s Space Force

On May 29, 2020, Netflix’s Space Force premiered. Greg Daniels and Steve Carell created it. It’s a workplace comedy that revolves around a group of people who have been tasked with creating the United States Space Force. Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Lisa Kudrow, Tawny Newsome and Jimmy Yang are featured. As the teaser for the series says,

“On June 18, 2018, the federal government announced the creation of a 6th Major Division of the United States Armed Forces. The goal of the new branch is to “defend satellites from attack” and “reform other space-related tasks”…or something like that. It is the story of men and women who have to fend for themselves. »

To make matters more comical, the uniform created for these Space Force troops was a “moon camouflage”, as they were to be deployed in space and would therefore have to blend in with the moon if conflicts forced them into hiding. . It was an idea of ​​costume designer Kathleen Felix-Hager. It was just one of many uniforms used in the film. On the other hand, Steve Carell’s character, General Naird, had a realistic uniform; even the ribbons that show how decorated it was were placed correctly. In an Observer article, Kathleen explained that they wanted to be respectful of authentic military uniforms and not make a joke of them. She explained that “the show has an offbeat sensibility, but it’s very reality-based. We really wanted to create an elevated military look that was true to the history of the uniform.

Last USSF uniform

Just recently, the USSF released updates to their uniform and grooming policy, including interim uniform changes which included enlisted rank insignia, hex tag, American lapel insignia hexagonal for enlisted Guardians, distinctive service hat insignia for officers and enlisted, and Space Force “Delta, Globe and Orbit.” Space Force Chief Master Sgt. Roger A. Towberman said,

The Guardians have been waiting a long time for this policy to drop, and I couldn’t be happier to release it and start putting this stuff on the shelves. I appreciate their connection, which brought us these ideas, and the character they showed in patiently waiting for us to work through the political process. It’s time to space it out!

The new USSF uniform. [Source: Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs/]

Additionally, the resemblance between the new uniform and those worn by Carrell’s character is uncanny. Note that Space Force was filmed before the release of the authentic Space Force uniform. According to the service, the changes resulted from listening to feedback they received from members of their service.