Could Starfleet from Star Trek defeat the Empire from Star Wars and does it matter?

Cinemablend came up with a question pitting Star Trek against Star Wars.

Star Trek and Star Wars are like the difference between a piece of wagyu beef and a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Now, you may think that’s a dig, but it’s not. McDonald’s, while not the healthiest thing for you, often produces a great meal. It’s affordable, accessible and has (had) a heavy marketing campaign targeting children. While Star Trek is largely for everyone, like a good piece of beef, it takes a while to get going. There’s a patience there that pays off that just doesn’t exist in Star Wars.

Its good. They both exist on their own spectra to meet people’s different needs. Sometimes you’re just too tired to cook dinner, other times you’re trying too hard to impress people who don’t matter. As brands, they both have their own corner of sci-fi that they dominate.

So why Cinemablend writes about whether Starfleet from Star Trek could defeat the Galactic Empire from Star Wars is beyond me.

Asking who would win before Star Trek and Star Wars is a silly exercise

There’s no reason to even ask that question because the two universes are so fundamentally different that it’s pointless. It’s like asking who the best athlete is; Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt. Can Bolt run on water? Can Phelps swim through synthetic rubber?

No. They can not.

Star Trek and Star Wars operate on two different sets of principles and have two very different views on things like propulsion, combat, and how physics work. This is not an individual comparison and in fact, few things in this world are.

You can’t even honestly compare generations of basketball players due to the ever-changing nature of the game itself. Michael Jordan and LeBron James played in very different times with very different rules. Comparing them is madness. That’s all. It’s absurd.

And yes, Spock body Vader; don’t blame me.