A Starfleet Academy show is coming, which means there are 7 Star Trek series

star trek has had a huge comeback in recent years…on television, anyway. Star Trek: Discovery is entering its fourth season, Star Trek: Picard preparing for his second, and Star Trek: Lower Decks is a lighter and more animated version of the series. And there are two more hiking shows on the way: Star Trek: Prodigy is a children’s show that will premiere in the fall, while Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is an anthology series that will be released in 2022.

It’s five star trek shows! Given that Discovery and picard are among the most-watched original series on Paramount+, as we can forgive the streamer for going ham on the final frontier, but it still feels like a parcel.

And it’s not over ! star trek boss Alex Kurtzman revealed to The New York Times that there are two more shows on the way: Section 31, a series about a rogue intelligence agency starring Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou; and a new one called Starfleet Academy, about where Spock, Kirk, and the rest of the Starfleet crew train before traveling to space. This one is aimed at a younger audience, but we don’t know if it’s animation or live-action.

Each star trek the show is intended to have “its own unique identity”

So that’s seven star trek shows. Seven! All of these will eventually be activated at the same time, we presume. And we don’t count Short hikeswhich are standalone shorts set in the star trek universe.

Kurztman talked about the rationale for having so many series a while back. “There are several, and I think the idea for us is that it’s not just about expansion for expansion’s sake,” he said last year. “It’s really about exploring different corners of the universe, similar to how the Short hikes explore different corners of the world star trekthe idea being that every show should have its own unique identity, and you shouldn’t think that you can get from one show what you can get from another.

Everything must be different, unique, special and specific, and yet you want everything to be one piece and linked to the greater hiking universe. So it’s been a very coordinated effort, by a lot of people, to make sure the shows feel different, deal with different things, say different things, feel different, look different, and sound different . So it’s been really fun and really rewarding.

I love his enthusiasm, but what do you think: are seven shows too many at once? I know cinematic universes are all the rage right now, but who has time to keep up?

Maybe we take them one at a time, starting with the second season of Star Trek: Lower Decks August 12.

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