A Forgotten Star Trek Comic Shows Just How Deadly Starfleet Academy Is

Marvel’s Star Trek: ’90s Starfleet Academy comics turn the training of Starfleet cadets in the midst of war into a riveting struggle.

A star trek 90s comic once took an in-depth look at the legendary Starfleet Academy, and it turns out that cadet school life is far more dangerous than fans might have expected. As a training ground for many star trekfamous Starfleet captains, Starfleet Academy has long been a point of interest for fans and writers of the franchise. A spin-off of the Starfleet Academy film was even considered in the 80s, as a means of revamping Star Trek The Original Series‘ to throw. 1996 by Chris Cooper Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Marvel’s comic book series provided the first real look at the renowned institution, based on a few previews that aired on TV during the run of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space 9.


Set in the last seasons of Deep Space 9, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy follows Nog, a Ferengi character from that show, as he begins his tenure at the Academy, joining a group known as the Omega Squad. Nog has a brief introduction to fellow cadet Matthew Decker, who is a descendant of Commodore Decker of the Star Trek The Original Series episode “The Doomsday Machine”. As the first Ferengi to attend the Academy, Nog endures 24th century racism until he is able to earn the respect of his new comrades. Of course, it turns out he’s not the only one, as their teammates include Pava, an Andorian with a Klingon ex-boyfriend; T’Priell, a Romulan unknowingly impersonating a Vulcan; and Kamilah Goldstein, a human of Jewish and Muslim descent.

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Omega Squad spends far more time away from Earth than one would expect cadets, often attending major events or field trips with little supervision. Over the course of the series, they encounter classics TOS characters like Spock and Captain Pike, as well as contemporary characters like Boothby, the highly respected Academy groundskeeper. As the story goes on Deep Space 9The Dominion War arc, Omega Squad also ends up there a few times, going through the arc while running. DS9 and GNT comics and confront the Jem’Hadar. Predictably, this is well above a cadet’s pay grade, and the story pulls no punches when it comes to it. Cadets suffer serious injuries like broken backs, and one student actually dies during a mission.

The Dominion War period is certainly not a typical time for Starfleet Academy, with severe personnel and equipment shortages leading to cadets seeing more action than they ever should. Yet the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy the comic seems to indicate that training in the Academy is just as dangerous as serving aboard a spaceship, giving the students even more ordeal by fire than appeared in the TV shows . With a new cast of mostly original characters, the show wasn’t as tightly constrained by the events of the TV series, allowing some of the bold stories and interesting plots to develop.

Sadly, Starfleet Academy only received 19 issues before being cancelled, leaving Viator’s ongoing storyline unresolved. Still, the characters were beloved enough that Pava bent into the Star Trek: Titan novels as a security guard, and Nog returned to Deep Space 9 for the remainder of this show’s run. The loose and unsupervised approach that Starfleet Academy takes to its cadets can even be reflected in the next star trek prodigy series, which is also expected to feature younger characters in the galaxy on their own. Although the comic has been slowly forgotten, it is still worth reading for Star Trek fans as they wait between seasons.

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