6 STARFLEET ACADEMY Show the possibilities we want to see

Alex Kurtzman is the man behind most of the current star trek. He co-wrote two of the movie sequels produced by JJ Abrams in 2009 and 2013. And then his Secret Hideout productions were behind Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picardand the next Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount+. Not to mention Star Trek: Prodigythe anime Lower decksand more.

But via a profile on Kurtzman in The New York Times, we learned that he was also developing a TV series set at Starfleet Academy. Other Trek the producers have floated the idea of ​​the Starfleet Academy series in years past. However, none ever made it past the development stage. But it looks like Kurtzman is intent on making it happen, and recently there has been progress. Here are our thoughts on what such a series might look like. And when it would be put in the Trek chronology.

Kirk and Spock: The Academy Years

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The 2009 star trek JJ Abrams’ reboot of the film already showed young Kirk, Spock and McCoy as Starfleet cadets. In this movie, Kirk and Spock weren’t exactly best friends when they were young. However, this was all in Kelvin’s alternate timeline. A series about Kirk and Spock as Starfleet Academy cadets in the main timeline might be worth exploring. It was actually the subject of a Starfleet Academy movie script in the 80s, supposed to be Star Trek VI. But ultimately, Paramount did The unknown country rather. A streaming series could be a possible lead for this idea. Maybe limited edition.

Starfleet Academy: Valedictorian Picard

Tom Hardy as young Starfleet Academy cadet Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis.

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several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation told stories of Jean-Luc Picard’s past as the most accomplished member of his class at Starfleet Academy. He was a prize pupil of archeology professor Richard Galen and won the Academy decathlon as a freshman (as noted in The best of both worlds.) He also had romantic relationships with several ladies and gained quite a reputation. Showing Picard as an arrogant and brash student, before he is humiliated by a near-death experience as a young ensign (as seen in the GNT episode “Tapestry”) might be a good subject for a Starfleet Academy series.

Starfleet Academy: The First Adventures of Worf

The cover of the 1990 Star Trek novel, Starfleet Academy: Worf's First Adventure.


Another old GNT The character who could make a good lead in an Academy series would be none other than Worf. Mainly because he was the first Klingon in Starfleet. What was it like for the Son of Mogh to go through an almost entirely human Academy? Especially since many humans still considered Klingons to be savages. It would be a fascinating lens for telling a Starfleet Academy story and a great starting point for a series. While it might be difficult to replace Michael Dorn in the role, we think there are young actors who could do it. And maybe they could include Dorn in a bookend sequence – a sequence where old Worf tells stories of his youth as the only Klingon in Starfleet.

Nova Squadron

Starfleet Academy's elite Nova Squadron from The Next Generation.


In the GNT episode “The First Duty”, we learn that during Wesley Crusher’s time at the Academy, he became part of a group called Nova Squadron. It was an elite flight team, and each cadet piloted a single pilot spacecraft. They were campus stars, performing elaborate formations and maneuvers that no one else at the Academy could match. Their recklessness caused the death of one of their comrades, and a subsequent cover-up nearly resulted in their expulsion. Following a new group of cadets years later who try to redeem the Nova Squadron name would make for a fascinating series. Think Superior gun meets star trekand you have a unique premise for a Starfleet Academy series.

Starfleet Academy: First Class

The logo for Starfleet Academy, located in San Francisco, California.

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It would be a prequel, telling the story of Starfleet Academy’s very first class of students. This would likely take place in the 22nd century, when the Starfleet charter was first incorporated. It would have a kind of futuristic The good thing atmosphere. It would mainly focus on the very first young people who would set an example for future generations. The students who wrote the book about what it means to be a Starfleet officer. It would be a fun way to show how Starfleet’s first alien species interactions happened as well. Think X-Men: First Class meets the adventures of outer space, Right there you have yourself a sight.

Starfleet Academy: New Frontiers

Starfleet Academy, as seen in Star Trek: Discovery season three.


As much as prequels can be fun, star trek as a franchise must always look to the future. This is why the Starfleet Academy the series we want to see the most is actually a spin-off of Discovery. In the third season of this series, Discovery journey to the 32nd century. By this time, Starfleet is just a shell of what it used to be. This is all due to interstellar travel now being severely restricted due to an event called “The Burn”. At the end of the season, the Discovery The crew solves the Burn mystery and the Federation is on its way to becoming viable again. It would be cool to see the first generation of Academy students on Earth in centuries, trying to reshape a new Starfleet for the future.

Originally published August 4, 2021.