5 Ways Star Trek’s Starfleet Could Absolutely Destroy The Star Wars Empire

star wars‘ The Galactic Empire is one of the most fearsome regimes in science fiction, and that’s partly thanks to the hold it had over its galaxy after Revenge of the Sith. The Jedi couldn’t stop the Empire before it was born, but I never really considered the punch that was Order 66 (which was originally more horrible) a true sign of the strength of the Empire. It was a huge gamble that paid off thanks to an unwitting Jedi order, and I’m not sure other organizations would have been so caught off guard. For example, I don’t see Order 66 coming to star trekis Starfleet.

In fact, I’m going to take it even further and say that even though Starfleet magically appeared in the star wars universe before A new hopehe would succeed in destroying the Emperor, Darth Vader and all those pesky inquisitors. Having recently learned that this is an opinion not shared by many people on the internet, I decided to revisit the topic with some compelling arguments that might change hearts and minds in this debate. Let’s dive in and assess the various ways Starfleet would absolutely be one with the Empire.

Patrick Stewart on Picard

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Starfleet has superior diplomatic tactics that could unite powerful alliances

One of the main arguments against overthrowing the Empire by Starfleet is that Starfleet is much smaller than the Emperor’s army. Additionally, the Empire is a militaristic force, while Starfleet functions primarily as a scientific and exploratory organization. It’s definitely not a “fight first” type outfit, but it excels at diplomacy and conflict resolution. While I generally agree that Starfleet wouldn’t win in an all-out ship-to-ship battle, I think it could easily defeat the Empire in many other ways.

Consider that the Rebel Alliance, which wasn’t as organized or as well-equipped as an organization like Starfleet, eventually overthrew the Empire. Perhaps had the Rebel Alliance had Starfleet captains who could broker deals and eventually united them under a Federation of Planets, there could have been a lot more camaraderie and a more unified front against the Galactic Empire. Starfleet certainly couldn’t topple the Empire on its own, but I’m confident it could have mustered enough alliances and even swayed a few Imperials to drastically balance the conflicting scales.

Kate Mulgrew in Star Trek: Voyager.

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Starfleet’s brilliant captains trump many of the Empire’s most talented proteges

The Empire ruled with fear, but I think it’s more than safe to say that it took precedence over things like intelligence and logic. Let’s not forget that the Imperials somehow allowed a Death Star to be built with a huge flaw in its design, then tried to rebuild it again. Sure, there are exceptions, like Grand Admiral Thrawn, but there are also plenty of incompetent and/or insubordinate officers, many of whom took care of Darth Vader. Let’s also not forget that Vader himself did a stupid move that led to a lifetime of pain in this costume, so it’s not like he has a leg to stand on (at least not organically ) no more.

Conversely, just think of some of the brilliant tactical minds of star trekis Starfleet. The next generationthe best episodes showing that the Crew wouldn’t need The Force to expose a weakness within the Death Star. Voyager’s crew could easily navigate the Outer Rim more efficiently than the Empire could, and possibly even outwit the rival force at every turn in the process. The problem with Starfleet is that even when caught off guard, it doesn’t last long. They will more often than not emerge victorious against any threat, and that’s largely down to their multitude of brilliant minds that the Empire lacks.

William Shatner in Star Trek

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Transporter Tech makes big battle situations harder to come

I’ve already established that Starfleet wouldn’t stand a chance in an all-out ship-to-ship battle against the Empire, but unlike the Rebel Alliance, it wouldn’t try to line up that way anyway. Blowing up ships with phasers is still a viable combat tactic, but more often than not Starfleet likes to get close to it. I would expect a much sooner star trek crew to teleport a team outside directly into a ship to take it apart than I would see them engaging in an actual space battle. With the abyssal objective of the stormtroopers, they would do well to traverse a ship with just their phasers.

Let’s also not forget that Starfleet is able to teleport other individuals directly to its own ships. They could also just teleport Emperor Palpatine into the cold, oxygenless vacuum of space and end the Empire pretty quickly, though I’ll admit that’s not some kind of dark resolution that Starfleet is ready for. to adopt. Still, given the objectively horrific acts the Empire committed during his reign, I could see it being illuminated as an option, and assuming it’s successful, it doesn’t matter how big the Empire’s army is.

Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery

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Discovery’s spore reader can outsmart any Empire ship

The star trek The franchise has its fair share of wonderful ships, but few have the type of trump card like the USS Discovery. Through the use of the Mycelial Network, he is able to instantly warp across great distances in the galaxy in no time, and he is much faster than any warp-capable ship. As such, it makes a very difficult target for enemies to capture and can be very effective at spawning in the right place at the right time.

Captain Michael Burnham’s ship isn’t necessarily built for conflict, but it’s seen plenty of action in its run and can be fearsome if needed. I’d bet it’s the perfect ship to drop a torpedo at exactly the right point of weakness, or a ship capable of getting high-value members of the Rebellion to safety. Either way, I’d be foolish not to bring Discovery’s input into this conversation, especially since the crew is practically rebuild the Federation in the distant future.

James Kirk and Tribbles in Star Trek on Paramount+

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Bonus: A single Tribble in a Star Destroyer would spell disaster

We’ve covered Starfleet ingenuity, as well as the Empire’s limited proficiency. You string these things together, and it wouldn’t take much for someone to figure out that they could even tank the Empire’s largest ships with Tribbles in inconspicuous places. It wouldn’t be long before the Tribbles overwhelmed the ships and eventually crippled even the most powerful of Star Destroyers. In short, the Tribbles would be trouble, and as massive as Empire ships are, I’m not sure any officer would catch them soon enough before it was too late.

That being said, I feel like Starfleet is more than capable of defeating the Empire and saving the star wars galaxy all alone. Of course I’m sure others think differently, but maybe reading this will at least allow some to consider an alternative outcome to this match and stop underestimating Star Trek’s Starfleet as far as concerns fictitious matches.

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