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A man shot dead outside a Space Force remote station in New Hampshire approached the door while armed

A man shot dead outside the Space Force remote station in New Hampshire approached the door while armed with a gun and a knife, an inquest hears A man armed with a gun and a knife was shot outside the Space Force remote station in New Hampshire after approaching the door The man identified as […]

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ULA launches US Space Force’s latest SBIRS missile warning satellite – Spaceflight Now

ULA’s Atlas 5 rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral Space Force StationCredit: United Launch Alliance The dawn departure of a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket from Cape Canaveral sent the US Army’s latest Space Based Infrared System missile warning satellite aloft, a $1.2 billion mission billed by Space Force as a springboard to a […]

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Space Force drops fitness tests, members will wear trackers

Space Force has announced that its members will no longer need to take an annual physical fitness exam, NPR reported Tuesday. Instead of the scrutiny required by other military arms, the branch will require its soldiers – called Guardians – to wear wearable trackers. Smart rings or bracelets are meant to focus on wellness rather […]


Starfleet officers who deserve promotion

Over the years since star trek first hit the small screen, there have been a staggering amount of additions to the franchise. Space adventures range from The original series, who started it all, down to the last addition New strange words, which, despite being the most modern, is very nostalgic for the 1960s classic. Over […]

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Space Force scraps annual fitness checks for its Guardians

Annual fitness testing will no longer be a requirement for members of the Space Force, also known as the Guardians, from 2023, and will instead start wearing trackable fitness devices as they do not have need to be as fit as service members in the other five. branches of the US military. The devices, which […]

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US Space Force TMO visits Space Systems Command

AUGUST 1, 2022 – The US Space Force Talent Management Office (TMO) hosted a town hall meeting at Space Systems Command to discuss and reinforce the implementation of the Guardian Ideal on July 13. The Guardian Ideal, first used in September 2021, is a foundational document creating a new approach to talent management to build […]