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Next week, join NASA and the US Space Force for a fireside chat about business opportunities in the new space age – TechCrunch

The booming space industry is changing and growing at an unprecedented rate. It is the most complex and expensive sector, and the traditional boundaries between national security, civil and commercial space are rapidly changing to create new opportunities. We are thrilled to announce that on November 2 we will be hosting a FREE 30 minute […]

Deep space exploration

China fire-tests gigantic, futuristic rocket to enable deep space exploration

China has just completed testing a solid rocket motor, adding another way to propel its rockets into space. CCAC Read also : 21-ton Chinese rocket falls to Earth, no one knows where it crashes First reported by Spacethe rocket made its maiden flight from a launch site near the city of Xi’an in northern China, […]

Space force

Space Force abolished? The House bill would do just that | Military

A group of House Democrats on Wednesday introduced a bill to abolish the nation’s newest armed service, eliminating the Space Force and giving the Air Force its responsibilities. Backed by five members of the House Progressive Caucus, which is made up of left-wing Democrats in the party, the “No Militarization of Space Act” was introduced […]

Space force

The Space Force Has Released Its PT And Duty Uniforms And They’re Out Of This World

On September 20 and 21, 2021, Space Force released its new physical training and service dress uniforms, respectively. The announcements followed the release of the service’s new enlisted rank insignia. Newly designed Space Force enlisted rank insignia (US Space Force) The PT uniform consists of a gray shirt and black shorts, both featuring the Space […]