Space force

Rocket Lab will launch an experimental US Space Force satellite on Thursday: watch live

the US space force plans to launch an experimental research and development satellite into low Earth orbit early tomorrow (July 29), and you can watch the action live. Rocket Lab’s electron amplifier will launch the “It’s a Little Chile Up Here” mission from the company’s California-based launch site on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula. The mission […]

Deep space exploration

Ray Hanania’s show discusses the role Arabs play in deep space exploration

CHICAGO: Last week, the United Arab Emirates introduced Nora Al-Matrooshi as the first Arab woman to begin training to become an astronaut because she could play a pivotal role in the country’s upcoming space missions. The United Arab Emirates, considered a relative newcomer to the world of space exploration, sent the first Emirati into space […]


What is the most powerful Starfleet ship?

The most powerful Star Trek ships depend on the era being discussed, but Picard and Discovery have established the best ships of the 25th and 32nd centuries. Determine the most powerful spaceships in star trek depends on the different eras (and timelines) of the franchise, though the 23rd and 24th centuries of the Prime Universe […]

Deep space exploration

New ‘Atomic Clock’ Transforms Deep Space Exploration

In June 2019, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) oven-sized instrument toaster aboard SpaceX’s Falcon X Heavy rocket. Two years later, the results of the experiments performed using the instrument have been published, which could potentially change the way we travel in deep space in the future. Space probes that have been launched from […]

Space force

The Space Force has its first Marines – and soldiers and sailors

The Space Marines are here. The US Space Force announced on Wednesday that it had selected its first small group of soldiers, sailors and Marines who will be transferred permanently to the sixth military branch – part of a larger effort to centralize space operations. and related missions within the fledgling service. The Space Force […]