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Boost Space Force | The hill

FFor some Americans, US Space Force is little more than a Twitter punchline or Netflix satire with lackluster reviews. Retired Colonel Bill Woolf hopes the Space Force Association (SFA) can help change that. “If the only thing people have to refer to is late-night comedians or a Netflix series, then that’s a problem,” said Woolf, […]

Space force

Space Force Lt. Col. fired for ‘loss of confidence’ after claiming ‘Marxists’ infiltrated US military

A lieutenant colonel in the fledgling US Space Force has reportedly been removed from his post and will be investigated after claiming on a podcast that ‘Marxism’ was infiltrating the military. Last week, Matthew Lohmeier appeared on the conservative podcast, The Steve Gruber show, to discuss the ‘Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest and the […]

Space force

Vandenberg CA Air Force base has a new Space Force name

Signs at the main gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base have been covered up pending Friday’s renaming ceremony at Vandenberg Space Force Base. Janene Scully A new name will be unveiled at Vandenberg Air Force Base on Friday to reflect its role in the US Space Force. The military installation near Lompoc, which spans […]

Space force

The first flight unit made up of Space Force Guardians has completed its basic training

With President Biden’s vote of confidence, the Space Force proved it was more than just a Trump-era moonshot. Away from Capitol Hill, the Sixth Army Branch is slowly growing toward its full-fledged form by recruiting and training personnel as part of its goal of reaching 6,500 active duty members by the end of the year. […]


Star Trek: Worf Was NOT Starfleet’s First Klingon Officer

Although Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Worf is Starfleet’s most famous Klingon officer, he wasn’t the first alien to hold the position. As the main antagonists of the original star trek series, the Klingons were a feared warrior race without many redeeming qualities. With Star Trek: The Next Generation, fans gained a better insight into […]

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Coalition for Deep Space Exploration Names New President + CEO – SatNews

the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration (Coalition) appointed Frank Slazera space industry leader and space advocate with over 30 years of experience in space policy, programs and budgets, serving as President and CEO of the Coalition, beginning in May 17, 2021. The Coalition is a national, nonprofit organization of space industry companies and universities that […]